Work as employee or be an entrepreneur? | Entrepreneurial tips

Work as employee or be an entrepreneur? | Entrepreneurial tips | tinobusiness
Work as employee or be an entrepreneur? | Entrepreneurial tips | tinobusiness

Many people ask this at various times in their lives and for every response may be different, even for the same person the answer to this question may vary over its life.

This dilemma has been gaining strength in recent generations; It is something that comes from the side of a globalized world, a networked world and a world full of opportunities, where a professional title does not give you the competitive edge that gave our grandparents or parents. Education and society have changed and with them the demands and opportunities of the famous “labor market.”

It is very common, as I have mentioned in previous articles, people resort to entrepreneurship in key moments, such as when they become unemployed after “give” many years of his life to a large company, or even when they carry several months looking work without results. For me it is very clear that in previous generations, as generations of our fathers, working life and achieve retire or retire from the same company was a close reality for many people. However, it is equally clear to me that every time is less that “job security” of yesteryear, and put it in quotes dear reader because it is time to know that job security does not exist: no one is indispensable and businesses they are constantly readjusting and reinventing, because it requires so its market and competitors.

So the question begins to take more important: which of the two roads will benefit me more? Being employed is a wonderful experience that everyone should experience at some point in their lives and I’m not talking solely of “chilly” when we have felt all know that, unless something extraordinary happens, we will have that salary waiting, that salary is going to help cover some or all of our needs and obligations. Being employed gives you the opportunity to have leaders from the good, who are true leaders, even the bosses to constantly you are naming your little mother. Being employed gives you the discipline to meet a schedule and the opportunity to meet and learn a lot from a diverse group of people. Being employed allows you to appreciate more “free” time that you and allows you to grow personally and professionally coexisting within the culture of an organization.

Moreover, being an entrepreneur apparently gives you many more freedoms but actually requires you more as a person being an entrepreneur requires you to be your own boss and input to become head of a group of people, and if at least should try to be the best leader you can be. Being an entrepreneur requires you to be extremely creative with your finances, as you learn to cover necessities and fixed income obligations sometimes scarce and variable. Being an entrepreneur requires self-discipline you, requires you to be 100% connected with your ideas and your projects so that you do not find a day … procrastinating obstacles and barriers can propel or undertaking may be so discouraged entrepreneur has a lot of motivation personal.


As said earlier each way has its advantages and obviously has its disadvantages, the key is to analyze things in detail that you will bring greater value according to your current situation. For example, if your finances are currently suffering a stroke because you have many debts (student loans, credit cards, shares the house, the car, etc.) it may be best to hire you time so you can organize your finances and even save some to support you in the early stages of your venture. Similarly, if you’re in a job where you feel you are not giving your highest potential, you do not enjoy and where you are not learning, maybe it’s time to find another way, either looking for other work or taking the decision to undertake . Frustrations are to be handled at first, because if too much time passes they become remorse, which are not friendly.

It is then a matter of opportunities and the famous “timing” ¬†or the precise timing of things. As I mentioned above will never be an ideal place to take time but I definitely think it is very important that all who have been employed, and all who have been entrepreneurs, give us the opportunity to know and enjoy the benefits and disadvantages of these two ways.

Finally, we must not forget that those exposed are ways are ways of gaining knowledge, learning, are means to an end and should not be our only goal and our only goal, life is very large, complex and beautiful and to define or limit the type of work we do is unwise. There is no good way and a bad way, we exist only as walkers we move, choose, grow and learn. Hopefully throughout this process us rejoice and be happy doing what we like. As Jean Paul Sartre said: “Happiness is to do what you want but wanting what you do”.



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