Why should I use WordPress website for my business?

Why should I use WordPress website for my business? | tinobusiness.com
Why should I use WordPress website for my business? | tinobusiness.com

This is the scenario: you are undertaking and want to open a website for your business or maybe you already have, but want to update. So, where do you start ?. Well, first it is whether the best for you is a site coded from scratch or if it is best to use a content management system or CMS.

A CMS is a tool that helps you in managing all the information you want to upload to your website without programming skills. In the market there are different options, but the most recommended by experts is WordPress and here’s why.


It’s free

If you are starting your business, you’re likely to not count on a big capital to invest in your website. But still you know it’s important to have a page that will allow you to reach thousands of customers. Well, WordPress is the solution, it is a free platform without hidden charges.




It is easy to use

Create a website with WordPress it is something that anyone can do from basic knowledge. Forget HTML and hire a programmer (another thing that will save) this page the’ll develop yourself.



It’s not just for blogs

If you are thinking that you need something more professional and not just a blog, we are talking about it. WordPress was born as a platform for blogs and years later he developed the CMS, which today is the most used.



It is flexible

A website developed in WordPress will be fully adaptable to branding your company, including your logo to personalize it with your colors. In addition you can choose from hundreds of themes and plugins free.The plugins allow you to add to the main functions you need, from subscription forms for customers to turn it into an online store.

It is safe

WordPress knows the value of information of its users, so it takes very seriously the safety and provides automatic system updates to keep up the platform.



It fits any device

Every day, mobile devices, whether phones or tablets, are becoming more used to access the web. So it’s important that your page meets these devices to offer the best user experience and WordPress offers it without complications.

It’s good for your SEO

SEO is a headache for those with Internet content. WordPress platform is developed so that it is easier to track by the search engines, as they have indicated Google engineers.





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