Why People Need Brands? | The importance of the Brand

people need brand

People need brands because they respond to essential human needs. If you are defining a marketing strategy, remember the basics.

During my studies, I had to decide between marketing and finance subjects. Without doubting it a second opts for finances because in my opinion then the marketing was common sense and it was not necessary to really study it. I still think that a healthy mind is able to do a good job promoting products and services without having specific studies of marketing and advertising.

A healthy mind is able to do a good job promoting products and services

The fact is also that few achieve it that way because the experience without knowledge is more difficult to obtain.

It is difficult to satisfy the wishes of the consumer in time

Proper training in the field is not a guarantee of success either. With or without studies, 90% of companies are making a mistake in their online marketing strategy. What is missing in many cases is the emotional intelligence applied to the business world. Few brands get connected to their target audience and even fewer leave their mark. The strange thing is that people need brands for what in theory the “only” they would have to do is listen carefully to their needs and satisfy them.

In the end, you have, to be honest. It is not so easy to meet the wishes of the consumer.

  • You have to go beyond reading their mind: in many cases, you do not know what they want until you introduce it.
  • Tastes change continuously: the consumer who loves us today can leave us “thrown” tomorrow and go with the competition.
  • There are other factors that influence: marketing is so difficult because on many occasion factors (time, politics, trends, etc.) influence that we can not predict, avoid or strengthen.

What is needed from a brand?

No one needs to buy brands to survive. We can do without them. In fact, there are social movements that go against a world of consumption. I am convinced that brands will survive in the long term because they respond to some basic human needs and other fundamental needs.

1. Comfort and functionality: the use of a brand has to be comfortable and provide us with the functionality (eg quench the thirst, take us from one point to another, protect the walking foot, etc.) that we seek.

2. Low acquisition cost: the acquisition cost does not only include the price of a product. It is also the difficulty of having access to it (eg supermarket on the corner, travel to another country, order online, etc.).

3. Possibility to talk: to this day we are getting used to being able to talk with a brand. It is a possibility that is no longer optional and becomes mandatory for companies. People need to give and receive feedback. Also to brands.

4. Give prestige: driving a Ferrari would not be my thing but for many people, it is a great satisfaction to see the looks of admiration (or hatred) from others. There are products that give us “status” and do not differentiate from those who do not.

5. Being part of a group or a community: brands have a role in society to give us information about the affinity we may have with other people we do not know. You can try both clothes and other utensils that make us known as runners, lovers of rock, pi jo’s, etc.

6. Feeling happy: for this, we live. To maintain and provoke this emotion for as long as possible during the time we are on this planet. Marks like Coca-Cola had already understood it since the beginning of advertising. Make us happy and we will always have you near us.

7. Reward and personal motivation: Brands may in some cases also have the motivational support function. Achieving a personal challenge such as pass an exam, lose weight, run a marathon, etc. Requires a great effort. Personal satisfaction is often accompanied by the consumption of a specific product (eg new shoes, a trip, the last gadget, etc.). In these cases, the relationship with the brand is strengthened because it is associated in the future with personal achievement.

People need brands. Trends change but fundamental human and basic needs will not change much. To be successful marketing has to bet on the bases and from there define their strategies.

Can you share your opinion why people need brands?

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