When I need money urgently, these 8 methods are what I always work on

When I need money urgently, these 8 methods are what I always work on | tinobusiness.com
When I need money urgently, these 8 methods are what I always work on | tinobusiness.com

Who has not ever thought ” I need money urgently but do not know how to get it “?  It has happened to me, and I’m sure to you too; but over the years I have found that these 9 ways to make money quickly and easily are those who I have always worked and those who do not need to rob a bank.


The eight (8) methods that I use when I need urgent cash



Say what you think and get money!

One method that is growing increasingly in all countries when money needs is to give your opinion through paid surveys. If you want to know everything you need about this option, read our guide to make money with surveys: we tell you what are the best sites, and everything needed to make good money with them. [ www.surveymonkey.com/ ]  [ www.surveysavvy.com ]

I need urgent cash


Recycle your cell

Have a mobile home that serves only as a paperweight ? Then compared in different stores recycling cell how much they pay for it and sell it. You can even ask your parents, family and friends who give you their old terminal to make even more money.

I need urgent cash

Remember that you also will be helping to protect the environment with this option, and there are people who say they have come to get up to $ 150 with this.






Get paid for visiting pages

This is similar to the pages of online surveys; here you get paid for completing offers and sign up for certain pages, or just visit them or watch videos. The most popular are Toluna and Gift Hunter Club.






The secret from Disney

Not many know this secret: the Disney studio, to maintain high demand for films, restricting the sale of some of his classic films. Kept “locked” for 8 or 10 years before returning to put them on sale for a short period of time.

And if I need money, how I can win with this option? Easy: if you have a movie that Disney now not to sell, you sell it; or purchase movies themselves are now on sale for some time that you can resell for a higher price .

I need urgent cash

In 2011 for instance you could buy Beauty and the Beast on Blu – ray for $ 25 , and now instead on Amazon costs almost $ 110 ! IMPORTANT: Not all Disney films work well, only the true and classic popular maintain this type of demand.





Writes and publishes a book totally free

If you are fairly good at writing, take this opportunity and make express money publishing a book on Amazon. In our article on how to publish your book for free on Amazon you will find all the necessary information and a tutorial step by step to upload your book at this popular store.

The best thing about this idea is that once finished, your eBook will continue to provide profits for years! It is certainly the fastest method, but when I need money, I know that this option will never fail me.





Sell your old CDs, games and movies

If you think ” I want money and I want it NOW “, sell your CDs, games and movies it is the solution (and also will make room in your home). Best of all, you can rip all your songs and movies to have a copy on your PC before selling.

I need urgent cash

You earn up to $ 25 per item and if you have a large collection, the pay will be much higher. Do the bestsites to sell these items? Amazon, any market where you can put yourself free, and, of course, eBay.





Rent your space to the car

Some apartments have allocated parking for the car; but if you do not use this place, or do not have a car to get into that space, there are hundreds of people who are willing to pay you to let your car there (especially if you live in a densely populated area).

I need urgent cash


I need money and I love pets!

If so, then you’re in luck: become a dog walker. It may sound stupid, but this is a big deal. By walking 40 minutes to 1 hour, walkers typically charge between $ 22 to $ 27 for just a dog.

So if you get to walk together 4 dogs of different owners in just one hour you can make $ 100 ! In addition, it is an express money because you’ll be paid at the time, and enjoy the street while otherswork in a harrowing office .


These are the methods I use when I need urgent cash.  And you, have you ever used those? Tell me your experience in the comment below !


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