What Web Hosting Is Best Suited For Your Online Shop?


Before starting the creation of our e-commerce we have to look for a virtual local to host our online store. These premises are the web hosting and without them, we would have no store.

Many e-commerce owners do not realize the importance of choosing the right web hosting for your project, and why many end up with a thousand and one problems in the medium to long term. We must be logical, would you choose the first place that you saw to put your physical business, without asking details, and seeing nothing?

Choosing the wrong web hosting means to lose SEO positioning, losing usability, speed, etc … There are many factors that can come for your online business but choose well. For this reason, then I explain the things you should consider when choosing a web hosting.

Most common types of hosting

Like everything in life you have to start most importantly, find out what accommodations need your business.

I will indicate the types of most common web hosting :

1. Shared Hosting: It is the most common type of accommodation.

  • Advantages: Its price is very affordable, from just 25 euros (year) you have shared with 100GB accommodation.
  • Disadvantage: On the same server where your online store hosted will be much more, so the server storage space is shared among all.

It is easy to understand why this type of hosting is cheaper than other options.

The most common problems come when some of the online shops receive many visitors or require many server resources to function normally, and then all the online stores or websites staying on that server may suffer; falls or slow loading.

The control panel of this type of accommodation is very simple. They are already adapted to disturb as little as possible to the company’s accommodation.

2. Dedicated hosting: It is certainly the best hosting solution.

  • Advantages: You have a server just for your e-commerce. You have complete control of the server.
  • Disadvantages: It is very expensive as a good one is usually around 100 euros per month. On the other hand, the control panel is very complicated to manage, so you have to hire a professional to manage it.

This type of hosting is often used to put e-commerce that is created on platforms as and Magento. That is, to accommodate powerful online stores, requiring many server resources, and have many requests and visits.

As the only online business that is hosted lets you increase the speed and performance.

3. Virtual Private Server (VPS)

You could say that is a hybrid between shared and dedicated server. What must be clear is that this type of accommodation is not a physical server but a server is a virtual machine.

  • Advantages: It is a mixture of shared hosting and dedicated. You have complete control of the server as you’d have to a dedicated server.
  • Disadvantages: As always the downside is the price, walking about 50 euros per month. It is not as expensive as a dedicated, but it is not cheap.

4. VPS based on scalable cloud hosting

This type of accommodation is the least conventional, but it is the most used by large e-commerce.

The problem with dedicated servers, conventional VPS and shared hosting plans is that eventually, if much traffic increases, the physical limitations of the real server will be affected.

There e-commerce eventually come to have tens of thousands of hits a day, and other online stores with less regular traffic, occasionally have large peaks that can not be predicted.

For example,

there are online stores that have a normal visitor movement but appear in a TV show or in a campaign that becomes viral, and greatly increase traffic spikes. If you do not have this type of accommodation e-commerce fall and nobody can buy, so the whole marketing effort will be in vain. However with this hosting will never happen that, because the bandwidth and resources as traffic volume increase.

  • Advantages: You will have a hosting where resources and expand bandwidth as traffic or you grow your e-commerce.
  • Disadvantages: It’s clear price of around 45 euros per month, but may raise the fee if that month had to expand the bandwidth and resources for peak traffic. The trouble is that you do not have a fixed expense and do not know for sure how much you’ll pay each month.

How to know what type of accommodation do I need?

1. Shared hosting is a good choice for:

  • Online shopping made in WordPress ( WooCommerce )
  • Small and medium online shops.
  • Online shops with normal traffic.
  • Stores developed in Prestashop.

2. Accommodation dedicated :

  • Developed in Magento stores.
  • Stores created in custom applications.

When this type of server is chosen it is rare to need a scalable, since you have a whole server for you. It is more expensive and you have to have someone who knows how to operate and maintain, but certainly is a good choice when you want no pay unexpected peaks, but have everything well defined and no surprises. I recommend that if your e-commerce will be bigger and will have a lot of traffic choose this option even though it is more expensive.

3. VPS is the best choice for:

  • Prestashop stores of more than 10,000 products.
  • Developed in Magento stores.
  • Stores created in custom applications.

This section should be stressed that many of these online projects when their traffic skyrocket needs a “scalable VPS “. If your project requires from the start staying in a VPS, ask for rates scalable, so you have everything under control.

What hosting company to choose?

Professionally as a freelance, I have agreements with hosting companies that assure my attention and resources agreed at a good price, but a particular is difficult to give you this. You have to think hard about who you choose, because if you do it wrong, it will cost you dearly. If you pay an annual hosting and you change to another accommodation, you will have many drawbacks and to pay for transferring the domain and the online store to another company.

I recommend that the hosting service you choose offers you the following:


It is important that your online store load as quickly as possible. If visitors have to wait more than four seconds for your page to load, they will not have a good experience and will not return. In addition, Google now includes speed as part of its overall assessment of the quality of a site, so the trickle charge can kill your SEO efforts.

Many hosting companies plans do not provide full details on the speed of the housing contract.

But there are clues that tell us whether the server is correct or not to have a good speed:

  • If you have solid state drives (SSD), these hard drives are much faster than normal.
  • Location. The closer your potential customers, the faster the load. If your customers are from Spain, do not take a hosting company that has in Germany.
  • You must have a CDN (content delivery network). Having this will increase the speed of your page. CDN is a set of locations in the world that locally redistribute the content server and cached files that do not need constant updating, according to customizable rules.


Bandwidth is the measure of the amount of data flowing from your website visitors in a specific time period, usually a month.

Be careful with hosting companies that penalize for exceeding the limit contracted bandwidth as it can get pricey.

Not to fail in this, well choosing the hosting you need for your online store, and so have the appropriate bandwidth for your business.


It is difficult to know how much storage you’ll need, but from experience, if your e-commerce is normal images without being high-resolution or not have music files, it is very rare that you need more than 1 GB of space.

But if your e-commerce has many high-resolution images, you will probably need 4 GB of space.


Logically when you create an e-commerce supposed to have x visitors, but no one knows for sure. To avoid future surprises, the hosting company should be able to allow change at any time and scale hosting resources.


Most online sites running on PHP and using MySQL database (WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, etc ..). So you look out if the server supports this technology.

If your e-commerce is more special and developed in Ruby type applications or needs MongoDB data base, you must locate a server that allows it.


Although it may seem silly is important to know in advance what access panel will have to manage our server, the more difficult it’ll depend on more professional.


This has to be paramount. You have to know that opening hours have, if they have it on your tongue, if the phone without premium rate if they have direct chat, if you help set the panel..etc anything. Flee those who use tickets, as they often slow to respond and is super frustrating when you need the solution now.


If you’re developing an e-commerce yourself, you must choose a server that already has modules with just a few clicks can have your platform (WordPress, Magento, Prestashop, etc ..) installed.

I hope these tips help you hit it possible to find a hosting tailored to your e-commerce.




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