What is viral marketing? Definition and Examples

What is viral marketing? Definition and Examples | tinobusiness.com
What is viral marketing? Definition and Examples | tinobusiness.com

In our days, we hear talks of viral marketing, viral videos on YouTube, viral advertising campaigns … but what is actually a product or viral advertising? This is what we gonna talk in this article and for those, who want’s to learn marketing strategies, tinobusiness.com, gananci.com (Spanish) and tinoshare.com are the best sites.

What is viral marketing? Definition

The marketing is a series of techniques to get consumers interested in a product and eventually buy it; and “viral” is related to a virus, which passes from person to person or in other words, “mouth to ear” or “positive and negative gossips”. 🙂

Thus, the viral marketing is simply conveying a message (can be a video, text, picture …) from one person to another.

To make you understand better: when you see a shocking video YouTube, and the first thing you think about is sharing it with someone, and that person would spend too is shocked and shares it with others … that’s viral marketing, but how to make that shocking stuff? Keep reading

Viral marketing: how it works

In general, the campaigns of viral marketing usually throw the companies themselves, but there are cases in which anonymous users record a video (without advertising intended) that becomes viral by its original content or the emotions it causes.

Viral campaigns
today are totally linked to social networks, and so, although there are several types of viral campaign, the most used is usually to upload a video with an emotional charge – of any kind – important, whether showing the name brand or product, or covertly embarrassing for the user who does not know well what the source of that video.

Viral Marketing: examples

1. Interview the hardest job in the world

This video provokes surprise, anger and finally, great emotion, and not even to announce a company’s work!

2. The eyes, always on the road

Great (and shocking) video that Volkswagen made to be more aware of the dangers of cell phone use behind the wheel.

3. A baby leaves you speechless

This is the perfect example of viral marketing on its owner, without being a brand or company, or with intent to disseminate the video, got thousands of users would share the video through the entire Internet.

4. Jean Claude Van Damme doing something EPIC

Another example of viral marketing how a brand with the right strategies, you can advertise a product by the fascination that raises this video with viewers.

5. Viral Marketing through a parody of another viral video

Advertisers movie 22 Jump Street ( Special Command 2 in Latin America and The Departed at the University in Spain) took advantage of the previous video of Van Damme to promote the film through a parody.

You see, most of today’s campaigns viral marketing, most successful are uploading videos to YouTube, and get it so that the viewer has a great reaction to what you are seeing either tone of humor, surprise, happiness, sadness or anger.



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