What is direct marketing and how can it help your business?

What is direct marketing and how can it help your business? | tinobusiness.com
What is direct marketing and how can it help your business? | tinobusiness.com

Although it sounds very radical, a business, even having an excellent and innovative product or service, if we don’t promote it properly, then it is over and we won’t make it famous or even sell products. Why advertising and marketing are so important, and especially direct marketing.?

What is direct marketing, and how it can help your business grow and gain potential clients ? Read on and discover why this is one of the best marketing strategies to succeed in the business world.


What is direct marketing?

The direct marketing is a form of direct mail in which no media used (television, radio or press) to promote or publicize a product or a service. The materials are often used are catalogs, letters, flyers (ie, print advertising ) in mailboxes or in our digital era, emails.

Direct marketing


Thus, it eliminates the middleman in the process of advertising, so this is one of the marketing strategies ideals if our budget is small and can not afford to run an ad on television or any other more expensive means.


How can you help your business with direct marketing: advantages

Although this direct mail is used by all types of businesses, it is highly recommended if you want to start a business or if it is still small and do not have a big budget to spend on advertising. Its many advantages include:

  • It can lead to a very specific audience.
  • With direct marketing, you can create a modest campaign and better study the response of the impact of that campaign with other types of advertising (like TV commercials).
  • This direct advertising is very fast: if you know who on your audience, create a campaign, send it, and start getting customers can be done in less than a month.
  • You can test what is the most powerful message sending different offers to different portions of the public, and thus know what is the method that works best to attract more customers.
  • You can also send and again the print advertising the same people always varying content, and still get the same good results .
  • The costs may be minimal; in fact, you can create a campaign that fits your budget, whether big or small.

Direct marketing

Building the list of clients that receive your ad

You know what is direct marketing and its advantages, but how to create a list of recipients to send your print advertising? If you have a good budget, hire the services of a marketing agency and have them do a zonal study to send your direct mail or buying a customer list to companies that are dedicated to this.

Direct marketing

If you just have the budget, you can ask the council in your city a copy of the census , and segmenting the audience by age, sex, and even economically. For example, if your business is about clothes for young women , it is foolish to send advertising mailboxes in a neighborhood where most people are people with more than 60 years.



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  1. Direct marketing still works great for the reasons that you mentioned, most specifically because it’s so targeted. You could have a great product or service, but if you’re not targeting your audience correctly then your message is obviously not going to get into the right hands.

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