What is a LinkedIn InMail?

What is a LinkedIn InMail i tinoshare.com

LinkedIn is a centralized social network for professionals, enabling them to communicate with their contacts commercial and search for potential employers within the network of professionals. While it is free to join, LinkedIn offers additional services for premium subscribers. One of these services is the possibility of using the InMail, which is a system of direct messages integrated LinkedIn network.

Premium accounts

The LinkedIn premium accounts are available in three varieties:

  • Business
  • Business Plus
  • Executive

Each option provides the same premium features, the main difference is the number of profiles that appear in searches and the number of users of LinkedIn who can be contacted simultaneously. The InMail figure as one of the main features offered by the premium accounts, for LinkedIn premium users can use to contact potential talents and to keep in touch with team members.

InMail is an internal e-mail system integrated network LinkedIn, which facilitates communication between premium members and ordinary members. credit is required for each message sent. Credits are issued based on the type of premium account and are renewed monthly, if not used remain available for the next month.The InMail service offers the ability to create full email campaigns, besides providing basic postal services, which is ideal for commercial communications that are sent to many users.

Recruitment InMail

InMail is a powerful recruiting tool, as it allows companies to send messages offering employment to many potential candidates after locate using search tools for recruitment LinkedIn. You can create a campaign for InMail mail to contact all potential candidates with information on recruitment, providing a simple but secure way to respond if they are interested. The credits are spent to send emails that are not answered within a period of 7 days are reimbursed, and this allows multiple recruitment campaigns with a limited number of credits.

InMail and non-subscribers

While LinkedIn users with basic accounts can not send messages InMail, the system allows them to respond to any message they receive. This means that those who are contacted as potential candidates for any job offer can respond, and also allows non-subscribers to send responses to messages sent by employers or colleagues from other companies. These users have the option to subscribe at any time by paying a monthly or annual fee to get all the benefits of LinkedIn and the ability to send messages InMail.

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