What and How a CRM can help you increase your sales?


Two mini videos that explain how a CRM (Management solution Customer Relationship) can help you increase your revenue. Indeed, in the current economic environment, responsiveness and agility have become indispensable.

At the same time social media are very important because more than one third of French are present in there and do marketing and boost their business from.

It is therefore essential to move to CRM 2.0 to integrate social media at the heart of its CRM.

The first instinct is to listen to what is said about your brand on the web, typing your keywords on the internet, and by setting up an alert for potentially curative treatments do.

Then it’s part in the conversation, that is to say, identify customers who are your fans, customers who are unhappy and may leave you, and discuss with them.


You can also monitor what your competitors are doing.

Finally, it is to give your commercial and service technicians mobile tools to replace paper, simplify and automate the capture of information, and connect directly to the company.



In this you can integrate into your social business strategy, it is to communicate with customers or use it to reduce its “Google addiction” (through the audience of Facebook / Twitter / … and advertising agencies).

For information on what social media bring efforts, we must first identify where your prospects and customers is that so-called crossroads of the hearing.

Initially your goal is to see what is being said about your brand and theme.

Then you have to have a minimal presence on these networks, and participate in the conversation, in order to unite a community around your business.

Finally, it will retrieve the contact information of your prospects from your blog, Twitter …   to then use conventional sales methods as the mailings, phoning … to convert.

In fact these techniques are much more efficient because fans have is good, but having customers is better!


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