Top Tricks and Tips | How to Sell in Tough Times

Top Tricks and Tips | How to Sell in Tough Times |
Top Tricks and Tips | How to Sell in Tough Times |

Customers do not buy. Sale cycles are longer and more complex. Does this sound familiar? … Welcome to the world of entrepreneurship.

Salesmanship is not easy, nor as funny as it was some years ago. In fact, for many marketers it has become an exercise in pain tolerance. If used as a celebration by providing a good seal, the ethyl blood levels of these executives are practically nonexistent.

The requirements for vendors are greater than before, because we are not only to a more competitive environment, but to an area that requires more skill.

When one gets up at three in the morning, eager to make the visit of sales that will give support in the next three months, often wonders how the big sellers not only reach, but consistently exceed their target figures.

Well, we look at the best sellers that cross the trenches known companies to discover how they manage to sell. What goes through your head when making a sale?, how the process engage customers? A salesman wholesale, retail, or technology … no matter who it is, you will see the sales process through their eyes, and you’ll get your top three tips to generate more sales.


So, put your electronic agenda aside for a few minutes, pour yourself a cup of coffee and learn from those who have mastered the art of sales.





A great salesperson tells you how to sell to a customer more than they would buy.

It is a difficult market, but not for Kathy Williams, an exceptional selling at a women’s clothing store called Chico’s, with over 400 branches across the United States. “On a good day, I have three excellent sales”, says Williams – 47 years old. This could result in a sale of between $ 600 and $ 1,100 in a single morning.

“Many customers look at me and say, Just came by a belt and I take a bag full of clothes-“ she says. Then three of its shares for sale strategies:

    1. Good face on things. Many marketers struggle with the answer “I’m just looking.” Williams often asks “you shopped here before?” As an opportunity to reveal information about the product line of Chico’s. Williams wants to know why a shopper entered the store. “If a customer says, ‘I’m just watching,’ Well, what are you looking?” Williams repairs. “I just try to investigate what interests the customer.”
    2. Think for the customer. Once Williams knows the interests of the prospectus, it begins to create a fitting and choose a dress based on a single item. Chico’s has no mirrors in their testers, which puts Williams front and center with the customer. “I do not consider it a sales assistant. I am a wardrobe consultant,” he says. “Les sack what they are thinking.” Williams takes notes of every customer after a sale. Then followed up with a phone call or a handwritten note. Today, a quarter of its customer base comes from referrals.
    3. He attacks the package. Williams sees an opportunity when the customer returns the goods, a philosophy she calls “attacking the buck”. Asked what did not work for the customer to find a solution, which could be another color, another size or another appearance. “Nine times out of ten, if they bought once again to buy,” she says. “In many cases, they end up buying more merchandise. They can return $ 300 and make a new purchase value of USD $ 500”.




Sale of services

Beyond solving problems … a senior executive tells you how to treat the customers.

Nick Elmore, 41, is a senior account executive for FedEx in Oklahoma. Serves more than 500 small businesses in an area of 90 square miles and constantly makes unannounced visits. “Companies really are watching very closely their supply chains,” he says. “They focus more on why they do what they do “.

    1. Do not speak, listen. Elmore spend more time listening than talking. “Many marketers want to talk about what they offer. But they must know the client’s processes,” he says. ” Play is so fundamental that is overlooked. But it is the first step towards respect. “
    2. Inspires confidence. Elmore found that signing a contract with a customer can take from a few days to six months. During this time, the customer asks very specific questions: What aspect of the business you would like to match the competition ?, Why would use your service? Your goal is to earn customer trust. “I imagine that I am an employee of my potential client, only that FedEx pays my salary,” he says.
    3. It makes a difference. Elmore want to find a cost-effective solution for every client. “Right now, people want solutions,” he says. “Once we show them how to grow their business, you have an open door.”





Selling Solutions

Sale and service are the same for a very good seller … here are other recommendations.

Carrett Boone, 59, is the co-founder of The Container Store, a retailer based in Dallas that sells shelf and supplies. Store sales increasing at a rate of 25 percent per year; Sales in 2013 were $ 296 million and is projected to be $ 335 million USD in 2014. Boone and co-founder Kip Tindell, 50, still active in the training of employees and sales of the company.

    1. Do not compete, collaborate. The sellers of The Container Store does not work on commission, so is that vendors from different departments work together to meet the needs of a client. Sellers have sufficient powers to solve problems. “It’s a team approach that amazes customers,” Boone said.
    2. Make engage the customer. Boone remembers a time early in his career in sales often when a customer asked if I wanted to dance. “She said, ‘No thanks, I’m just watching’ and passed. A few meters ahead, turned around and asked me ‘What did I?'” Boone laughs. “Always use this experience as an example of how [customers] expect certain phrase is said.” Sellers of The Container Store are trained to observe the types of products that customers analyze or already have in their carts. For example, if a customer is watching a wrapping paper Are you preparing for a birthday party or a wedding? It is a way to start a conversation that focuses directly to the customer and allows the seller to offer a solution. “We try to engage them in a way that says` I can see that you need help ‘and I’m not going to make silly question `Would I can help you? ‘”says Boone. “We try to try as quickly as possible to the customer we really know of what we speak, we really want to help them.”
    3. Remember the man in the desert. The employees at The Container Store practiced a philosophy called the man in the desert: A man crawls through the desert with a burning thirst to find a seller who gives you a drink. The man dragged away and within The Container Store, where you get water, food and help find his family. Translation: always offers customers a comprehensive solution. If a customer searches wrapping paper, in other words, you probably need a box, a bun, tissue paper and a greeting card. Boone says, “If it sells the right way, then sell and service are the same thing.”




Latest tips

What is needed to make it rain? We research the best salespeople from other companies and this is what we suggest:

    • Knowledge. “Make sure your product knowledge not intimidating prospect, but is applied to the solution of problems facing the prospect. If someone is drowning, you do not argue about the benefits of selling a rope”. Michael Anderson, seller CaseStack Inc., Los Angeles.


    • Integrity. “Customers are looking for four things:. strong ethical, possible response, troubleshooting and enthusiasm Add a strong product or service, and you create a formula for success.” Scott Fuqua, vice president of Midwest Diagnostic Management LLC, Illinois.


    • Persistence. “There comes to a sale with a positive attitude and be confident that you can win the business. The minute you hesitate or if you can not sell something to the person, you will lose the sale.” Kaine Smith, owner and partner of Advance Med LLC, Texas.


    • Win-Win. “Concentrate on developing a win-win relationship with the company and the customer. The sales orders will come as a result.

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