Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter

Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter |
Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter |

Twitter is one of the most used social networks in the world, and surely you have an account that you use often – or you’ve created a long time but no longer use -. But did you know that you can use a profile to make money with Twitter?

No need to have a blog , or sell other products to get extra money : only with your followers and your tweets and you will begin to generate profits! Want to learn how? Then read on!


What it is? What I have to do?

To make money with Twitter the method I propose to you today is simple: post tweets and make you pay for them. How? By registering on different pages of companies, by copying and pasting a tweetabout your brand or product they will give you a lot of money.

How is this possible? Think about it: the brand invests money to make an announcement or advertising of an article can cost thousands of dollars, and you do not come to the public that they wanted.

Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter |

However, several tweeters pay for advertise a tweet is much cheaper, and we all know the great power the Internet has to reach thousands of people.

So all you have to do to start to making money with Twitter is logged on pages I recommend you down (all are free ), check these accounts every day to see if there tweets paid, publish, and wait until you get your money.


6 pages that will make you earn money with Twitter


1. SponsoredTweets

It is very easy to use: just insert your registration data and connect your Twitter account. You can also link your Facebook , Instagram, Google+, etc. to promote paid content in these other social networks.

Once this is done, there is only you indicate what topics you are interested in and the audience they are aimed and, whenever there is a new tweet paid, will appear in the “New” tab and “Direct Offers”.

Make Money with Twitter Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter |

Although you can “push” to get an advertiser should give you one tweet paid and, as you can see in the picture above, these tweets have a particularly good pay and juicy.


2. Publisuites

Another page much like SponsoredTweets, although Publisuites is completely in Spanish. You must register as editor (not as an advertiser), and you can make money with your Twitter posts, Facebook, or your blog.

With Twitter you should have at least 1,000 followers . You only have to wait until you send an alerting message new tweets, publish, and you’ll be making money. The section of Facebook works exactly the same way.

Make Money with Twitter Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter |

As for making money with your blog , so you have to do is write a post for each advertiser to contact you talking about your brand, product or website as you directed.

Payment in all methods is via PayPal or bank transfer.





3. Tus140

Another excellent site completely in Spanish, available for Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Spain, Mexico and Venezuela. Only you will pay for your tweets, but the advantage that the number of followers you have on Twitter is just 100 followers .

Make Money with Twitter Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter |

Same procedure as before: you register, you have to expect tweets available, the public and pay you .The money is deposited in your account on the 15th of each month (the minimum payment is 25 €), and the method of payment is by PayPal or bank transfer.






4. VoxFeed

VoxFeed is relatively new but is already causing a stir in several Latin American countries. In the beginning, this website was valid only for users resident in Mexico, but have extended their offer to Colombia and Panama , and will soon expand to other territories.

Make Money with Twitter Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter |

Payments can also deposit by PayPal or bank transfer. If you want more information, click here to read our article with the steps to sign up VoxFeed.






5. Twync

Twync is really like Tus140: you earn money for publishing both Facebook and Twitter, and the only requirement is that you have 100 followers on Twitter (and at least 30 tweets in the last two months), and 80 friends or fans on Facebook (30 publications in the last two months).

Make Money with Twitter Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter |

The novelty is that Twync has affiliate program where, for every person that signs up through your link, you get a percentage of their profits. Also the payment is made by PayPal and bank transfer.






6. Karmacracy

Finally, Karmacracy platform, where they do not pay for publishing, but for every link that they click your followers. Here you will share content directly on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ or Tuenti, and the more times your followers prick the links, the more you earn.

Top 6 Best Pages to make money with Twitter |

Best of all is that there is a ranking in which, according upload positions, will give more content to share, and will increase your income . The only method of payment is PayPal unfortunately.


Start making money with Twitter registering at these sites and tell me in the comments below how was your experience using this site!





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