Thinking of starting a business? Here Are Top 10 profitable businesses with higher profit margin

Here Are Top 10 profitable businesses with higher profit margin |
Here Are Top 10 profitable businesses with higher profit margin |

If you’re tired or tired of others’ money with your work, it may be time to think about starting your own business. But what are the profitable businesses that generate more profit?

We have already made a thorough study of those sectors that generate more money throughout Latin America and Spain; some of these profitable business ideas require a minimum investment, while others more capital is needed, but what is certain is that if you are planning to undertake, they can be the best business for those who begin to have guaranteed success.


Top 10 profitable businesses with higher profit margin


1. Accounting Services

Glass industry the top spot with a pretty good profit margins (approximately 20%) due to the accounting services have provided high demand.


The functions of this profitable business usually bring the books of companies, their taxes, but also cater to private clients tax returns .

Profitable business

The cost of equipment and materials to create this company is usually very low, so this can be a great business opportunity if you are a professional accountant or if you hire someone who specializes in it.





2. Legal services

Like accounting, legal services are successful businesses by the constant demand to make them both large companies and small businesses. It does not require expensive materials of office, although you’ll need to have a degree of attorney or hire a professional lawyer.

Profitable business


3. Extraction of oil and gas

The oil industry is a particularly profitable in Venezuela (there are more of Venezuelan crude oil in the subsoil of Saudi Arabia). It is without doubt the best business to establish an industry, but it is also true that starting it requires a huge investment.



4. Rent of industrial machinery and equipment

Whether or not crisis, the works remain, in the form of new buildings, or a simple reform in a house. While it is true that today many construction companies prefer to rent machinery to buy it. This is how many businesses have emerged where, instead of selling bulldozers or cranes, rent.
If you do not have enough money for it, you can apply one of the business loans out there, and start a profitable business easy to carry.


5. Dental consultations

Everyone at the least once or twice a year, go to the dentist, right? Not counting those who need treatments like braces or orthodontics where visits increased to once every month.

Profitable business

So this is one of the sectors in constant demand, thanks to the proliferation of insurance covering dental care, it grew more and more number of customers.


6. Private clinics

As dentists, everyone needs to see a doctor; and private clinics are growing increasingly declining prices its services and little waiting time is on them.

Profitable business

The investment here also is great because a suitable location is needed, several medical specialists and some medical devices are expensive, but if you know how to ride it well, it is a profitable business with guaranteed success.


7. Real Estate

The estate agents have benefited in recent years from the large number of people looking for apartments or houses not for purchase, but to rent. And create a real estate agency can get away for a minimum price.


You only need a small room or office and someone who will design a website in order to reach more customers. Best of all is that you do not need specific studies: only social skills to deal with customers and good presence.


8. Financial Broker

With the recent crisis, many people who have small amounts saved brokers seeking to help them increase, albeit only slightly, their savings, and this is the reason that investors have seen a growing demand in their professions.

Profitable business

Nor you need many office supplies here, but you must understand the financial world and how it works to turn this into a profitable business.


9. Services of ///

What about this industry: people, unfortunately, die every day. And that’s what makes this one of the successful businesses more profitable.


Little else is there to say about starting a company of this type: the investment required is not great, but you’ll have to look for suppliers of coffins, hearses, flowers and funeral services (management roles, etc.).


10. Private schools and private lessons

People always want to learn something new, either for fun, some personal ability to improve or increase our curriculum and thus improve the employment position. And why private schools or tutoring has become big business.

Profitable business

You can rent or buy a home, and create a school for adults, language, economics, computer, designing, architecture, app development …whatever. Or start giving private lessons in your own home or the homes of your students. Anyway, this one of the best bargains in the world by the wide variety of options you have.



If you had to start one of these profitable businesses, which would you choose? Would you ever consider starting a business this year to be your own boss?


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