+ Tips | How to get more comments on your blog

+ Tips | How to get more comments on your blog | tinobusiness.com
+ Tips | How to get more comments on your blog | tinobusiness.com

It is important to constantly write new content for your blog, but the key to success really depends on one factor: the engagement of your audience. That is, how loyal are your readers and how attractive they seem tickets.

This also means that you get your audience involved in your work, so you start to interact with you and even generate sales. And one of the best ways to measure engagement is through the feedback you receive your blog. That’s where the reader actually published a response on your site.

Have you ever walked into a blog or website that looks like a ghost town: no comment, no likes, no tweets? Maybe I have just described your own blog. But that’s about to change.

There are three easy ways to get readers to comment on your blog posts:

1. Take a stand

Boring content will always produce zero comments. So you should make sure to take a stand on your blog. Fear not post content that could shake things in your industry. Never be boring or too sweet. You have to say “This is my position. This is what I believe. ” Then ask readers. “? Are they agree” People who match with you will be your strongest supporters, your most loyal readers and more comment on your blog. When your entries are written with tact, those who do not necessarily match you can also join the conversation and discuss ideas.

2. Give the readers a question


At least once every two weeks, literally, I make them a question to my readers and ask them to respond in the comments section. Here are some examples of what I asked: – What type of items they would like to do – I’ll interview some experts. Whose would like to read your opinion? – If you could choose one book to take with you to a desert island, what would it be and why? You’d be surprised how many comments you receive a post like that. And if they respond at once, there is a greater likelihood that continues to respond. They just need a little push to write the first comment.

3. “Thank your” commentators

Once you start getting feedback, nourish them. The easiest way is simply responding to them. If John says, “Great article Jane!” be sure to thank for support with fast response. There is nothing worse than being ignored and a small thank you is a good way to avoid it. It could take time to start to gain traction. Do not get frustrated. It always takes time to get consistent comments on a blog. But before you know it, your audience will grow and that’s when the magic happens.

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