++ Tips for selling print advertising | Magazine Ads – Marketing Tips

++ Tips for selling print advertising | Magazine Ads - Marketing Tips | tinobusiness
++ Tips for selling print advertising | Magazine Ads - Marketing Tips | tinobusiness

The sale of print advertising has changed due to the growing popularity of the Internet, but still a viable means. In 2010, advertisers posted gains of more than US $ 22 billion only in print advertising in newspapers, according to the site web of the American Association of Newspapers. In order to have success selling print advertising, you must understand what makes print media remain popular.


Know your audience

One advantage that print advertising has on the Internet, Radio and television is that people can roll up a magazine and take it anywhere they go. You can show your ad to others and this never ends as commercial radio or television. To take advantage of this type of coverage, a sales professional print advertising must know your audience, according to the Gaebler website. The sales professional should know every detail of the demographics of your customers so you can create campaigns for its clients valuable advertising. Understanding the audience, the sales professional can explain in detail why a print ad will be more effective than any other means.

Have a competitive price

A sales professional print advertising must remember that much of its competition comes from other advertising media. In a geographical area could have a local newspaper and a national one. Within an industry, could only have a handful of magazines that serve the target audience. When advertising professional is working with the price, it is important to be competitive with other advertising media as with any printed competition. Analyze how your print circulation compared to the local radio audience and see if your price is competitive compared with the results you get from every form of advertising.


Segment your price

Customers have options feel more in control during a negotiation. You determine when placing ads and price develops several options to your customers to choose. For example, an ad placed in the top half of the front page of a newspaper will be more expensive than an ad placed in the bottom half of page four. Up to you to determine if the client benefits from the savings announced on page four instead of on the front page, but still should give the customer the option. Emphasizes the longevity of your print ad when offering prices compared segmented radio ads. When such a notice within 30 seconds is reproduced, it is gone forever. When the customer pays a little more to place your ad in magazine opposite the main story in the next issue of your magazine, that ad will for a long time.

Invest time in client

Because print advertising offers options such as color or black and white, ad placement and duration in the edition of the publication, there are many ways in which your service print advertising can benefit the client. To maximize that value, you must invest familiarizing yourself with how your customer operates its business so you can make suggestions on how best to use the funds in your print advertising in the future tense. Pay attention to how your competition is announced and help your client to track the return on investment of print advertising suggesting that includes customer feedback cards in one of its editions. Learn how you can benefit from print advertising best customer and how you can keep that customer for a long time.


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