Tips for job interviews: words you need to say about yourself

Tips for job interviews: words you need to say about yourself | tinobusiness
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Some people may have leaves very impressive for the they are applying for, but if they can not communicate their skills or make a good first in a job interview, and do not get the job. Job interviews can be intimidating for many people. However, if you prepare for some possible questions and are unsure what to say in order to make a good impression, you’ll have a better chance of getting the job.



How to speak

Anxiety often prevent you to relax. On the way to an interview, he performs deep breathing techniques. Inhale deeply through your nose and exhale slowly. Repeat this 10 times. This should relax.Know the name of the interviewer before meeting him, and knows how to say his name properly. The interviews often begin with small talk.

Be prepared to answer general questions such as how you made your way through the interview. Do not make long answers, and do not tell bad things. Try to have the same tone of your interviewer. If it is very formal, do the same. If the interviewer is more relaxed and want a conversation, open yourself to it.


Do not be too casual, make jokes or talk too much.Listen to the questions, and soon reaches the point. It is important to answer the questions they ask you. If you do not understand, ask to be me explain.

No ramblings hoping to answer the question either. It’s better clarification. Once you answer the question, stop talking. If there is silence, it is not your job to fill it. Wait for the interviewer finish speaking, think about your response and then proceeds.

What to say

A common question is that the interviewer will tell something about yourself. The best way to answer this is to first do some research on the company and the job, in order to respond in the best way possible how you fit into the company.

You will tell the interviewer your skills and experience that qualify you for the job or what motivates you. When the interviewer asks you about yourself, you are not interested in how many you have children or pets. If you question your strengths and weaknesses, give specific examples. For example, if you apply for a job in sales and have worked on it before, tell about your achievements.

Choose the skills you use and tradúcelas how you can use them for your work. For example, if you’ve been a housewife, tells how you have organized activities for your children. Also responds to what your weaknesses are.

This shows that you know. Talk about your weakness, as they are impatient when someone does not treat you the way you do, but you can tell him to wait 24 hours before acting, for example. When the interviewer asks you why you left your previous job, do not give negative reasons. Instead, say you want more responsibility, perhaps, or use what you know about the company for which you are applying and how it fits you.



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