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The recruitment has undergone an evolution, it can not be denied, another thing is that companies continue “played” old and not open their eyes to the new reality. In this article I want to capture what (is only my opinion and vision of the future that awaits us) for me will be or should be the selection of personnel we perform in the future.

The changes that have been experienced arising from two emerging forces that will not stop, technology (with the emergence of social networks ) and cultural (new generations with new and different ways of looking at life and concerns to the job).

Once we clear the forces promoting and maintaining the change I want to go over some of the aspects of the selection process. Maybe in a few years have to retract, it would not have anything to do but now I am not entirely agree with some colleagues in the world of recruitment. I let my vision and my arguments.

The resume 

For a few years, we will have to manage and attract talent from three very different generations and their characteristics. To say that the SC has died is to focus on only one-third of the cake (millennials and Generation Z) and I say what the Generation X or loss and have nothing to contribute to companies?

The way I understand things (perhaps very humanistic) if you want the talent should not only look at a proportion of talent. The development of human resources is to adapt to the Millennials and Generation Z but do not forget the X or the Lost Generation. The CV is not dead, it will be necessary to have an adapted CV with keywords for existing software and to be designed to do the filtering can categorize and rank candidates.

The “social curriculum”

A name that does not make sense to me. What is called social resume is nothing that so fashionable “Personal Brand”. Applications where complete strangers value you, full of feedback profiles in skills and abilities that only have many pointed to try to capture the attention of the profile owner. Who is extremely friendly and assessments made by the sole purpose of receiving a return? Recommendations exchange as if it were put plates on the table that care has to be taken to want to use the “social curriculum”.

How real is all it says profile?

Are the recommendations are true or an exchange or a love story of Romeo worthy of Shakespeare?

The selection process

The evolution that has undergone the selection process is as follows:

– Focus on the traditional curriculum selection, merit, educational background, etc.

– Focus on competences selection with critical incident interviews, etc.

– Focus on the selection of talent as if only talent and nothing mattered more talent coming up to talk without knowing spoken.

– Focus on the selection made in some values com company like Ikea.

What features will be in future recruitment?

For me nothing is exclusive and the company is not to focus on one aspect of the candidate.

Ideally create selection processes in which you consider everything from traditional training and functions, one based on values, a focus on skills needed and foremost the ability to innovate and adapt to each generation creating objective processes selection that consider attracting talent of three generations for a time be part of the same company.

Indicators, and indicators. What can not be measured gentlemen only go against us? The test application does not disappear but evolves adapting the application form. KPI’s selection extended to measure the effectiveness of each channel and each strategy we apply to staff.

Candidate management software, which even gives us these indicators. Programs that help sort and organize by the degree of suitability for the position and the company CV. Gamification as usual recruitment tool not only for large firms. 360 selection processes fully transparent.

The recruiter will become a Scout, as is done with the athletes, it will be an expert in spotting talent and maintain a quarry of the same for future business needs. The task of interviews with managers and employees is delegated as the processes are transparent and 360. The key is to detect interviews or does not run because the screens will curricular programs and advanced software, etc.

This is my vision.

And you, are you ready for this “future”?

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