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The Creative Strategy, a tool for a success Business, Marketing & Advertisement Tips and Tricks tinobusiness

Behind all these billboards, posters, business, wedges and other marketing activities that are highly creative, there is a strategy … Like everything in life, even for a person to conquer or to make effective marketing is needed a strategy that allows us to achieve our goals.

Many times we have an outstanding, charming and with a great emotional impact for our product (a plus), message but all that does not come from nothing without a purpose, born from a primary idea is developed so that it can last for a long time. Create a strategy is not about filling a format, it is rather to create a creative action plan, ie, is performed with a main objective, either increase sales or boost the brand.

To start with our strategy we need a BRIEF, something that many companies do not have and do not even know what it is and it’s actually something I always recommend having this and drawn wherever possible, since this element facilitate the lives of when making any campaign. A BRIEF contains information such as:

  • What is? – Product or Service
  • Whose is it? – Company
  • For whom it is? – Target audience
  • Why? – Need to cover

In addition to other necessary things that you want to include to become more successful; avoiding if possible margin of error, essentially each company its BRIEF weapon that suits you.

Let’s give some important parameters to keep in mind when making a creative strategy rather an order to organize the brainstorming and land them a little.

1. Product


As in the brief, should be all the information necessary for us to facilitate the definition of the main objective, the advantages and disadvantages need to be met, also be included, etc. with this we find problems to solve and, most importantly, find the direct and indirect competition.


2. Problem

After finding a problem is determined while the communication problems to be solved in order to communicate properly and avoid confusion or misinterpretation and thus obtaining a target at advertising.


3. Objectives

This is where we define what we want to achieve with our strategy, so we must choose which type of campaign we will develop:

  • Relaunch campaign
  • Launch campaign
  • Campaign support
  • Positioning campaign
  • Repositioning campaign


4. Target group

We define a niche market that will lead us always be important to define and segment so that the concept is effective from the demographic and psychographic perspectives:

    • Demographic: age, gender, stratum, location
    • Psychographic: lifestyle, tastes, fashion, hobbies, attractions, digital consumption habits (optional)

Taking the time to read an article that helps the growth of the company is a good step for the change that you need or that bit of creativity you’re looking for. If you wonder on how to make it strategic, then I suggest you to have a look at the ads below that seems to be more attractive and has the meanings and ofcouse some hidden messages.


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