The search engine optimization, also known simply as SEO, is the art of optimizing a web site so you can come up with better positions in search engines. There are certain tips for beginners who want to make a SEO, such as making good management of keywords work, constant updating of content and link building. In this article we will present some good SEO tips for beginners, which will start appearing in the records of the search engines.


SEO for Beginners


  • Include keywords in the title of the browser: in this way it becomes easier for Google and other search engines to find during an evaluation to your site keywords. You also want to repeat these keywords in many pages of your website, if applicable (not to appear too tightly). This repetition also helps to increase their relevance to the keywords and is very important when SEO work for beginners are made.
  • Keep fresh content: Google is looking for fresh and relevant content related to keywords. Make sure your website has a “dynamic” content (which changes regularly or updated), especially on your home page. This may include new press releases, articles, case studies, product announcements, and service improvements.
  • Focus on 1-2 keywords per page: the content of each page on your site should have a specific theme and use 1-2 keywords that are repeated along it, starting with the title page, headers and body. While it is good idea to have a good amount of repetitions of your keywords, you should not abuse them because they could be penalized. This is very important to think about the labrum of SEO for beginners.
  • Incoming links: have other unique sites that link to your website is a great way for Google and other search engines to gauge the popularity of your website. There is a whole industry within the SEO, which focuses on generating as many inbound links as possible to a site. Google has changed its algorithm to detect such egregious practices. If link building work is done, these to be done in the most natural way possible, from related to your website and in a very controlled way sites. The webmaster looking for ideas SEO beginners must take this into account to not end up having a negative effect on your site.
  • Google measures the relevance of both its content and links to your site. If both sites seem to be related to the same topic can be more relevant in terms of ranking web positioning. This further increases when a third site (and more) have links to both sites and share the same theme. If you have more than one website, make sure that you are linking to each other. Also, use sites like or to send your notes and articles can help you get more traffic to your site (s), and at the same time will have more chance to appear through Google searches. While participating in these sites may be a good idea in SEO plans for beginners, abusing them can be negative.




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