The advantages of contracting through newspaper ads

The advantages of contracting through newspaper ads | tinobusiness
The advantages of contracting through newspaper ads | tinobusiness

In an age where computer use and internet has made online recruitment is a popular means to locate qualified candidates for positions of work, newspaper advertising is often seen as a recruitment method obsolete.The decline in newspaper circulation also makes it less attractive recruitment through this medium. However, there are still some advantages to using newspapers to connect with job seekers.



Recruitment through newspapers can target a specific geographical location such as a city or county. This can be especially useful if the job requires knowledge of the area, as a sales position that requires frequent local travel. This can also help keep costs to a minimum, and will not have to worry about paying the travel expenses of candidates outside the local area, or relocation expenses of candidates recruited.


Newspaper advertising allows flexibility in the size and placement of the ad. If your budget is small, you can create an ad that consists of only a few lines to keep costs to a minimum. For larger or if you need to fill a variety of positions, a larger announcement including a photo can attract the attention of a large number of qualified candidates budgets. You may even be able to place the ad out of the classified to increase its visibility.


User access

Newspapers offer an opportunity for candidates to find their ad on their free time without the use of devices such as radios, televisions or computers. When the radio or television advertising is used, limited to the purchase of airtime at certain times of day. The online recruitment ads require the candidate to have access to computers or other electronic devices. A newspaper ad can be read virtually anytime and anywhere, which makes it very convenient for the user.

Segmentation candidates

Many companies depend on a specific group of individuals, such as retirees who still want to work on a part-time basis, to offset a significant portion of its workforce. These older workers who have not grown up in the age of computers can still rely heavily on newspapers instead of job search databases online to find new positions. For companies that make use of a larger labor force, recruiting through newspapers can still be an effective means finding workers.


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