The 7+1 best websites to find work from home

The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |
The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |

Surely when you think of websites to find work first thing that you think are job portals and platforms such as LinkedIn. But in this article I want to talk about something else: The websites to find a job and work from your own home.

Many people believe that a working at home is something unreal or something that only a few can access.

But the truth is this:

If you have a computer, an Internet connection, and you can do something fairly well or have a special talent, that’s all you need!

So I have compiled in this article 8 best websites to find work from home that I use for years to get a job without leaving home.

You must understand that a work from home is NOT doing surveys and earn money viewing ads online.

8 Websites to find work from home




One of the biggest and best sites to find job today is Freelancer, where there are more than 7 million jobs.

The jobs that you can choose here are varied: from creating an app for iPhone and Android, set a template for an online store, be virtual assistant, to check spelling in a book or be editor for a Web page.

The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |
The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |


Registration is completely free although if you get hired, you’ll be paid $ 5 or 10% commission of the total cost of the project.

The collection methods are varied: you can get the money you earned through PayPal, Skrill (Moneybookers), Payoneer debit card, or transfer to your bank account.

Membership Type: free or paid (you choose).

Commissions: YES – 10% per work done or $ 5 commission for free memberships.

Page language: Spanish and English.



Another page links is well known in America, which can be also accessed from anywhere in the world.

It has 12 main categories of work: technology and mobile customer service (call center operators, virtual assistants, etc.), design and multimedia, writing, translators, administrative, marketing and sales, engineering, finance, legal affairs …

The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |

The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |

It offers more than 25,000 published each week. The registration and membership is free and the fee for each job performed is 8.75% , but you will not have to pay the commission.

I mean, if an employer hires you for a project for $ 500, the employer will have to pay a total of $ 547.95 (you will receive $ 500, and the commission of 8.75% which is $ 47.95 for Elance).

You can withdraw your money through PayPal, bank transfer, Payoneer, or Skrill.

Membership Type: Free.Commissions: if you are a worker, you will not have to pay any commission, is the employer who must pay it.

Page language: English only.



Reed’s network of leading job portals in Latin America. Every month half a million job vacancies are published and available for all the countries of Latin America (except Brazil).

The difference with the rest of pages is that here find both jobs work from home as outside too. And you can look not only for your country, but by the department or state in which you live.


The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |

There are thousands of different jobs: waiters, receptionists, web editor, nurses, graphic designer … It’s a really complete web! And thou shalt be with your employer to decide how you want to collect the money.

Membership Type: Free.

Fees: Not if you’re working. Employers seeking candidates must pay for post their requests.

Page language: Spanish only.


4. Workana 

Another great network for Latin America and Spain. It has projects to work from home in engineering, translation, administrative support, design, translation and editorial content, and legal issues.

Best of all is that on his YouTube channel with several video tutorials have to know how to register, how much to charge a client, how to make your profile, etc.

The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |


Registration is also free , but the fee for each job if you’re hired is 15%. Methods for withdrawing money are by bank transfer, debit card Payoneer and PayPal.

Membership Type: Free. Commissions: YES – 15% of total if you are hired for a job.

Page language: Spanish only.



Upwork previously was known as Odesk, but changed their name and page design recently. 75% of professionals who I know and who work from home were hired by their clients from this website.

Upwork is a reference page to find work: they were one of the pioneers in this type of Internet services and the types of jobs they can find are the most varied.

I know people who have worked here many jobs: moderating forums, translating letters, writing for blogs, promoting websites, with virtual assistant for business managers …

The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |

Registration is free , although there are different types of memberships: a free and another payment.You choose which you prefer. As in Elance, you do not pay any fee for each work done: will the employer to pay such commissions.

Methods for withdrawing your money are varied: bank transfer, Payoneer, Skrill or PayPal.

Membership Type: free or paid.

Fees: NO if you hire; commissions are paid by the person to hire you.

Page language: English only, although there are vacancies in Spanish.



Nubelo is a page for finding jobs created in Spain, but where Spanish-speaking or anyone else can register and find work .

The most important projects are writing, programming, and design, although other categories can also be applied.

Registration is free, and have the option of using a free or paid membership, which you prefer.

And it will be the customer who will pay a fee if you hire: 5% if you have a paid account, and 10% if your account is free. That is, if you get hired and get paid $ 9 for a job, the employer will be charged $ 10 if you have a free account.

As Workana, Nubelo has many videos on their channel to enhance your profile and you hire more customers , and tutorials that will guide you step by step to register.

The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |

You can withdraw the money you earn in 3 ways : by bank transfer, PayPal and DineroMail.

Membership Type: free or paid.

Fees: NO if you hire, the employer who pays the fees.

Page language: Spanish only.



This page to find work from home may not be as well known as the others, but is a good place for companies to hire you for their projects.

Here also you can post your profile candidate and that companies like to hire you.

The registration and membership is free, and not charge any fee if you are a professional that hire to work.

The 7+1 best websites to find work from home |

Membership Type: Free.

Fees: NO, if you are a professional who hire them.



Freelance work is one of the oldest sites that I know (founded in 2005) and it is worth looking at their specials each day.

There are 6 major employment categories with several subcategories to find the ideal job for you.

The projects are varied: translations, corrections, legal advice, you’ll be paid even design a garden or decorate a restaurant! The registration and membership is completely free.

But for each project you get hired, you must pay a commission of 8% of the total. The good thing here is that thou, with the employer, decide how you want to pay.


Membership Type: Free.

Commissions: YES – 8% of the total price that you pay for each project.

Page language: Spanish only.

There are thousands of people worldwide who already in use of these pages to find work from home. And you can also start now! Leave me a comment below and tell me what do you think about this?


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