The 6+1 Habits of Highly Ineffective Sellers | Sales Tricks and Tips

The 6+1 Habits of Highly Ineffective Sellers | Sales Tricks and Tips |
The 6+1 Habits of Highly Ineffective Sellers | Sales Tricks and Tips |

The title clearly paraphrases one of the most successful personal development books of Stephen Covey. However, this time we will focus on the habits that prevent a seller, unleash their full potential and achieve excellent results.

If you want to have different results in sales, you have to do different things. You must start taking actions that until now had not undertaken. And this happens first, evaluate ourselves:

  • Evaluate our thinking.
  • Evaluate our activities.
  • Evaluate our habits.

In assessing the thinking patterns and modify certain mental that prevent us from developing a mindset of the successful salesman, it is a broad topic that we will not touch in this article. And, for which it requires, mainly the help of a sales coach.

In assessing our sales activities, it requires a diagnosis of all your sales activities: prospecting, sales presentation, handling objections, closing sales, etc. If your supervisor / manager of sales has not been sitting with you to do it. Or if you’d like to get this diagnosis to share with your vendors.

When it comes to evaluating our habits, everything depends on the circumstances of each vendor. However, let me share the habits that have in common, those sellers who get poor results.

Habit No. 1:. No return calls on time.

Or simply not return calls. Sellers who purchase such harmful habits, not only great sales opportunities are lost. But that, and worse, slowly, end scaring your current customers. Thus losing the opportunity for new product sales or sales get new referrals.

Habit No. 2:. Being late for appointments and meetings.

If you are late for their meeting previously agreed. What sense then is what most of the time is spent prospecting and looking for customers, when the main part of the sales process, is absent or tardy?

Give yourself purpose, arrive fifteen minutes prior to each meeting with potential clients and current customers. No matter you have to wait. No matter if the customer does not attend the appointment. External attitudes you can not practice in a negative change in attitude.

70% of sales are determined by the first impression of the customer. And among the most important aspects that a prospect  takes into account in deciding whether or not to work with you in addition to clothing and body language, punctuality.

Habit No. 3:. Unclear goals.

One of the many advantages, working as a seller, is the ability to build your own salary. As a seller, you choose how much to gain in a month.

However, most vendors (and this by many factors), do not realize that to earn a fat check, you need to be clearly identified, sales goals, yf you like to change this habit and have a fully detailed sales plan.

Habit No. 4:. Talking instead of listening.

I mentioned in many of my articles. The successful salesperson, not the speaker but the best listener.

Listening allows you to detect many sales that will bring you good commissions. If, however, you are a chatter and chatter, you move away from your potential customer emotionally and obviously you do not detect any need, your product does not fit and obviously you do not get the sale.

Habit No. 5:. Forgetting the name of the people.

Dale Carnegie said in his monumental book, How to Win Friends and Influence People. That the word sweeter to the ears of a person is his own name. And this, until today, has much force.

Call people by name, it is a direct way to start building rapport with your prospect. In fact, some experts in sales, consider before making the proposed sale and your previous conversation, you should at least have mentioned three times the name of your client, on several occasions.

Keep in mind this aspect, as a professional seller. If you have trouble remembering names, using any technique to memorize names. Do something and change this harmful habit that makes you lose sales.

Habit No. 6. Working too many hours without exercise or regular breaks.

Must work hard, from early morning until late afternoon, and even a little more?

Yes, this is true for people who start in sales and looking to make a name in the business world.

However, when you have a satisfied customer base, you can afford to better manage your time, have more time for family, for your health, for your personal development and at the same time, you can generate more commissions when you were a novice seller.

Besides hard work does not always mean a productive, or even more, but an intelligent work job.

Habit # 7:. Socializing by phone too.

And this harmful habit, we should also add, too socializing through social networks and the Whatsapp.

Do not misunderstand, social networks are important, necessary. But often, due to abuse, sellers have the temptation of losing valuable minutes, hours or even days, in talks that could be taken at another time.

Start by modifying these behaviors, then introduce healthier for your life of seller habit.

Proceeding in this way You see that your results will improve and your life will be more pleasant and successful.




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