Starting from Scratch as a Professional | IT IS NEVER TOO LATE!

Starting from Scratch as a Professional | IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! |
Starting from Scratch as a Professional | IT IS NEVER TOO LATE! |

Perhaps you too have come across people who complain about their current situation (personal or professional) and feel trapped. Or those others who just had a traumatic change (dismissal or rupture) and think they have lost everything. Today we’ll talk about how to start from scratch, more focused on the professional area, but with tips that are sometimes adapted to personal life.




Do you feel trapped?

Do you carry many years in the same job and are you really bored? (addressing men and women). You would like to change, but can not, or at least You think, because the economic situation is very bad, because the salary cobras is now more or less secure, because you have family responsibilities, because they think that would be a betrayal to leave your company, or any reason more.


I can tell you only one thing: you are never caught. You always have the power to change. Every decision has its pros and cons, of course, but the act are deciding. If you do not move, it’s not because you have no choice, but because you have decided that was the best option. So do not complain: stay or start from scratch, but assume your decision.

It may sound a bit moralistic, but really just want it to be a warning, you realize that actually you always have the power to do otherwise.




It has happened a sudden change in your life and you are lost?

Until recently, maybe you were a person from before (of which they feel trapped in one position), or perhaps enjoying a situation that was most suitable for you. You were happy because you were exactly where you wanted to be. However, something happened, something that you decide, and you lost the previous situation, such as your job.

Of course, at first you feel a bit lost. The things that you were not already clear, and the future is very uncertain. If you’ve lost a job that you like, you may be imagining that never find anything like it.

The good news is that there are many ways of being happy. There is not just a job for you, as you not only have a potential mate. Okay, you’re back to square one and you have to start from scratch, but it also has the potential to illusionary.




Like starting from scratch

1- Back to the point: what do you want?

Do not get quickly to find business ideas or pursue a new job. Take a little time to reflect. There are some important questions that you should do as:

  • What excites me?
  • What can I do?
  • Money or time?
  • Here or elsewhere?

Those are just a few. Really you have to consider very seriously the main goals in your life. Here I talk about career goals but clearly also have an impact on your personal life and therefore have to broaden the spectrum to define you as a person and knowing where you want to go.


2-  Create an audience/network

Having contacts is one of the most important things in life. In the professional field, it is vital. Whatever are your objectives, you will get a lot easier if you know the right people.

So do not be shy. Leave your comfort zone and enter into a relationship with people. If you want to know more about this subject I advise you to read the article devoted to networking.

Your contacts can teach you, inform, job interviews, talk to suppliers or customers if you have a business plan … A few more people know, the better, provided they are relevant regarding your career goals.




3- Start stepping

Starting from scratch could be scary if we compare only the starting point and the desired point of arrival. But, fortunately, in life it is not to climb Everest running a sprint, but take firm and progressive steps to catch up.

Care! I have not told you to take it slowly. Obviously you’ll have to devote a significant amount of effort. For example if you change your job, you’ll have to be consistent and proactive in getting job interviews and overcome them, and especially, when they’re on the job, you’re going to spend a few weeks or months where it will appear that will exceed the events, simply because we all have a learning curve when we start something new.

If your idea is to start from scratch to start a business, the effort you have to do at first is probably even greater. But do not forget that recently gave you some recommendations to start a business, so do not hesitate to read the article and clarify your doubts. We also come in handy my guide to take  (a very comprehensive article on the subject).




Never be scared of something but instead be positive and push yourself towards to what do you want. In everything there are difficulties but in every difficulties there are some success behind.

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