Starting a decorating business events | Business Tips

Starting a decorating business events | Business Tips | tinobusiness
Starting a decorating business events | Business Tips | tinobusiness

If you have the ability to look spectacular parties and events, consider starting your own decorating business events. You can work with many types of clients and the initial cost is relatively low. This can be a fun and lucrative business forever and when you plan before you begin.

1. Choose a niche, such as wedding decoration, conventions and conferences, birthday parties or events . This will help to the kind of customers that you will focus and help you stay focused.


2. Create a website. This will be one of your most useful marketing tools. Your site should contain your contact information, services you offer, your rates (if you plan to use fixed rates) and pictures of work you’ve done.



3. Put together a portfolio for potential clients. If you have photos of work you’ve done for previous clients, ask your family if you can decorate your event or make a couple of free jobs just to get photos.


4. Choose a place for meetings with customers. This may be inside your house if you have a suitable area to meet with clients, an office rented or you can even choose to have meetings in a proper restaurant.


5. Promote your services in print, online and spreading the word. Offer discounts in your advertising will help. Be sure to put your website address in all advertisements.


6. Decide whether you want to rent decorations. The decorations include commonly rented tanks to fill helium balloons, arches and columns for weddings and floral centerpieces.This is another way to increase the income of your business.



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