Sales and marketing strategies for life insurance

Sales and marketing strategies for life insurance | tinobusiness
Sales and marketing strategies for life insurance | tinobusiness

Selling life insurance to a living person can be difficult. Agents commonly rely on commissions for their income rather than a salary, so if you do not sell, can not pay bills. Competition is fierce, and people are not always willing to discuss sensitive financial matters with a stranger. Implement some basic strategies of sales and marketing can increase the chances of an agent for a successful career.


Consistent prospecting

Your insurance sales career will not be successful unless you have a steady stream of potential customers to visit. Consistent prospecting efforts ensure you never have to worry about not having enough appointments. The phone is often the most effective prospecting tool because it allows you to contact a large number of prospects in a small amount of time still allowing a “personal touch” that do not offer e-mail or letters. Be sure to remove about two hours per day when you can make calls without interruption.


Find a niche

The insurance is a competitive business, so it is advantageous to establish a niche to distinguish yourself from your competition.You may involve a niche market to a certain age group or occupation or specialize in certain of insurance. Establishing a niche can make it easier to get referrals because people tend to associate with others who have similar interests or characteristics and often refer their friends the people you do business.



Discover a necessity

People usually do not buy life insurance unless they believe they need. Your job as a life insurance agent is discovering the need for your presentation and show the person how life insurance meets the need. One way to show clearly the need is to use a tool called insurance needs calculator, which examines the overall financial situation of the person and shows what would happen if you were to die and income are no longer available for your family.


Finding References

Life insurance can be a sensitive issue, as you’re discussing information and financial goals of individuals. Therefore, people will be more comfortable dealing with someone you trust. After making a sale, ask the new client if he can refer you to others whom you can help and is willing to do the introduction for you. This immediately raises the level of trust you have with the new prospect, making it much easier to get a sale.


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