Red representing a brand … 99designs answers

Red representing a brand ... 99designs answers | tinobusiness
Red representing a brand ... 99designs answers | tinobusiness

Red is one of the most dominant colors in advertising and even logos … Why this phenomenon is? What messages it gives? Is it good to use in corporate identity?

Our friends 99designs have sent us a full explanation of this color and how viable it is as a communication tool. Transcribe his statement:

Genetics, culture, experience … there are many factors that make the colors are perceived in very different ways depending on who the beholder. In fact, scientists and marketers have been decades examining the impact of color in the appearance of the product coming to define the ways in which color is perceived as, for example, gender or age.

99designs, the web of the world’s largest online design, defined, in 3 simple questions, the characteristics of red as part of the corporate image:

What the red of your brand say?

For years they have been associated with different emotional color capabilities. Red is daring, courage, passion, energy and urgency. This tone is not only a primary color, but is one of the most sensitive to the human eye, it is a color that captures attention immediately. For example, when children begin to develop the ability to distinguish colors, it is red which is captured first. While the ability to distinguish other colors or subtle shading differences appear later. Therefore, to achieve impact, red is the perfect color.

What successful brands use a red correctly?

Many well-known brands have seen red as its color in logo. Coca-Cola has spent nearly a century using a red background for its white letters, a red that emphasizes energy that provides your product.


Red representing a brand ... 99designs answers | tinobusiness

The fast food companies also use red for their corporate image, so McDonalds is one of the most important companies that have traditionally relied on this key.

Red representing a brand ... 99designs answers | tinobusiness

Draws attention as the last change in the image of McDonalds has started to take a turn from red to green, to break away from that image of “food” and approach to healthy food through a tone associated with this type of gastronomy.

Some theories claim that red can increase blood pressure and even cause hunger, so it seems a good choice for a takeout restaurant.

Banco Santander is probably one of the “red Spanish representatives”. Hue defines the bank represents strength and determination, consistent with its status as it is considered one of the most valuable brands in the world.

Red representing a brand ... 99designs answers | tinobusiness

Along the bank, selection of Spanish national football is one of the international representatives of this color, so much so, that has been renamed “red”. A tone that fits with the values of a football team, courage, strength, force, energy …

Red representing a brand ... 99designs answers | tinobusiness

Is red a suitable color for a brand?

When defining the color of a brand, the first thing you need to think about is the shot. Analyze the audience and values of the company and use that information to choose the right color to communicate the brand. If it is a strong, fast and exciting company the red should be the basis of that company hue. It is essential that the values and capabilities of the company always go according to your corporate image so that harmony is comprehensive and clear and lasting message to the user.

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