5+ Questions to consider when outsourcing a commercial Stand


Every time a company – regardless of size – choose to participate in a fair or exhibition, is the need to hire someone to design and perform what will be your stand on that sample.

But before deciding who will take care of the task (either a company or a freelancer), there are a number of important things to consider and consultation with various suppliers.

Top questions we receive from potential customers, are:

1 – How you can assert a stand per square meter?

Stands must not be quoted per square meter, as a commodity by weight. Before you tell a price, who will do it must consider many factors: what is to be exposed, necessary equipment, event duration, number of staff will be there working, etc.

It is important to understand the budget for lot rent and stand construction, plus staff costs and stay in the event. A proper balance of these costs, leading to a good proposal.

2 – What is left of the company stand after the event?

The generality is that the stands are assembled as rent. That is sometimes the pieces are recycled or discarded, saving the technical elements such as lighting, LEDs, etc.

There are stands that are designed to re-arm in several events, although that, of course, involves the maintenance, and various logistical and operational aspects (transport the stand once disarmed, store it until needed to use it again, etc.).

3 – How do you explain what you want?

It is important to understand where the company aims with his participation in the event. Want to display your products? Having presence? Make it a shot? To sell? With this information you can set a number of requirements: exhibitors, storage, counters, service areas, etc ….

A common mistake when it comes to putting together a stand is to put more items than are needed, and this is because the customer often does not know “how to ask” what your company needs to expose.

4 – How early you should apply armed?

Generally, as registration opens the event and you can access the exhibitor manual, which have the necessary information to those who will design and build the stand.

Ideally consulted from the outset, and to design and perform what your company requires, can be time-consuming.

5 – How to do to attract public attention?

Each case is very particular, and depends on the event, what each company offers and how the audience you want to reach is. One aspect to consider is whether the morphology of the stand and generates a different attention to the rest.

Always consider that architecture should be consistent with the image of the company . But in that context, today’s technology can be applied, is in itself a distinctive element. Touch screens, video walls with kinectis, immersive projections, augmented reality and a myriad of applications can be the stars of the stand, to accompany a harmonious architecture.

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