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After having done the interview with Alexandra Kovacova about his former experience working as a flight attendant (also known elsewhere as cabin crew, flight attendant or stewardess), I have received many emails asking me more questions concerning this position. Likewise, the comments in this interview of people interested in being cabin crew have not been waiting either. [Read next: Would you like to work as a flight attendant? Flight Attendant Job details to know]

Some of the questions that have been sent to me relate to getting work in the United States, a country in great demand (both local and foreign) of cabin crew. To answer questions of this kind, I collected some of these questions and I made them reach Mary Jo Manzanares, American blogger with years of experience as a crew member in the United States.

The answers that Mary provided to me, and which you will read below, are based on the American scope, although some will apply to Latin America because we share the same region.

1 – How is the day-to-day of a flight attendant?

At least in the United States, we use the term “flight attendant” instead of the stewardess. With regard to describing the daily routine in this position, I do not think there is a daily routine since every day is different.

2 – What would be the best airline in the United States to work in this position?

At present, the competition to be hired as the flight attendant is huge, and there are often hundreds of applicants only for a vacancy available. I think the “best” airline is the one that hires you and is honest with you (which tells you everything you need to do with your work) from the beginning. In that case, the best are Virgin America and JetBlue.

3 – Is there an ideal height and weight to be hired without any problems?


I do not know if it is the same in Latin America, but in the United States, it is illegal to establish restrictions on stature. What if you have to be is physically fit and avoid being overweight as much as you can, because then you will not be taken into account.

4 – To be a flight attendant you must be single or you can be married in a normal way?

You can be single or married all you want, and even have as many children as you want. None of this will affect what you apply for a flight attendant or for any other position in the world of airlines.

5 – Is there a maximum number of hours that a flight attendant must work per month?

Each airline on the planet has different types of requirements in the contract with the subject of the hours, so the answer to this question is quite broad. Something that is sure is that the more time of seniority you have in the position, the more free days you will have. In my case, since I was more than 25 years in this position, I got to work from 10 to 12 days a month.

6 – Will there be a university degree to study that allows me to apply without major inconveniences to be a flight attendant?

There is not. My initial recommendation would be that whatever you study, get your degree or at least the technician. As I mentioned before, there is a lot of competition for this position, so proving that you have completed a bachelor’s degree and that your English level is good increases your chances of being chosen.

7 – How much does a flight attendant earn per year?

The initial salary is usually low, within the range of $ 15,000- $ 18,000 a year. The highest rank you can earn on a large airline is $ 45,000- $ 65,000, which will depend on the contract provisions, types of flights you make, etc.


8 – What would be the first place to visit if I want to apply to work as a flight attendant?

My suggestion would be to start looking at the websites of the airlines you are interested in working. There must be a page exclusively for jobs, and there you can find out if they are hiring or not. Some of the most important companies in the Americas to apply are LAN, Copa, Avianca, Virgin America and American Airlines.

9- How is the interview process to be a stewardess?

The process is usually quite active and ranges from group dynamics, where you have to interact with other people, up to two interviews or individual. From the moment you enter the interview room, the interviewers are watching you every move. This is more than anything to see your way of being and that you develop so much. Put your best smile and see well dressed, besides acting friendly and very attentive to the questions they ask you.

A key question that will make is ” why you want the job? “, And the least they want to hear is the classic” because I like to travel. ” It is also essential that you be flexible, demonstrating that you do not have problems with the schedules, also that you understand the nature of the work and always maintain a good face.

10- What is the age range to work in this position?

You must be 21 years old, age required in most major companies, while in some regional companies the minimum is 18 years. Over an age limit, fortunately, there is not.

11- What language is essential to know for the position?

You must be able to speak and read English fluently, be it the US or Latin American airline. Optionally, you will be asked to know some Portuguese or French, but of less, English will almost always be the first thing you are asked to know.

12- In your personal opinion, it mentions an advantage and disadvantage of being a flight attendant.

I start with the disadvantages, and the first to name is the constant change of schedule, where you will have to get used to working at any time, be it night or day. You will have to know how to adapt to people at once because your work team is not the same and will vary with each flight. Finally, your free days are alternated, and it does not matter if it is Christmas, New Year, Easter or any other important date, whether you work or not will depend on your superiors.

On the advantages, you will get good discounts on hotels and plane tickets, for you and your family. Food and uniforms are included, and if you study you have the possibility to do while you work, as the company will help you to accommodate the schedule.

This topic has a lot to talk about, so if you have any questions that you have left out of this questionnaire, do not hesitate to let me know with a comment and write it down for a future question and answer article.

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