PR for Startups: How to make the media talk about you

PR for Startups: How to make the media talk about you |
PR for Startups: How to make the media talk about you |

Relations with the media remain a mystery for many startups and the truth is that, whether through ignorance or lack of budget, many wasted the enormous potential they have to be known by these channels. In the end, we all know that it must be done and it is vital to every business, but it is difficult to carry out.

In this regard, many companies think that there are two ways to connect with the media only: hire a communications agency or cross your fingers and start to pray that in some magical way we appear and them. However, there is a third way that requires work, perseverance and take the initiative. Read on and you count the steps:




1. Define what makes you different and newsworthy



Like a pitch to investors, the press and journalists must also convince in a few sentences of the reasons why your product is of interest to the public. Nobody is going to publish about a company that is not different or boring.

If you look from the other side, it is a professional journalist who daily have to write relevant news of interest to your audience. Therefore, if the right message is sent we are making yourjob a little easier because we are providing interesting and newsworthy stories.

To generate interest there to tell what the product of our startup and how it affects others. Think of the product as a solution to a problem. Do not sell the product and sell the solution answering these questions:

  1. What is the problem?
  2. How does it affect others?
  3. How the problem is solved?

It is very important to think in a message to convey to your target the benefits of the product, which goes beyond the features of the same or what the product can do. It sounds simple but it requires a creative exercise.


2. Build your own list of media


Once defined the message and value proposition that will draw media attention, it is time to begin to identify who are our objectives. It is found not only the related media but also to journalists or bloggers covering your niche product.

For example, if we appear in Mashable we have to find writers who talk about startups and stories like those of our message. Nothing will contact someone covering completely different information.

Excel opens and starts collecting all the necessary information so that when the time comes, the contact easier. For example, organizes the columns with the following fields:

  • Name of media or blog
  • URL
  • Category: (blog, press, institution, journal, etc.)
  • Alexa / PageRank: Use these values to roughly assess the environmental authority and the audience they can reach.
  • Contact name / journalist
  • Email: is the essential element for effective contact. It is not always easy to find the email. In many cases it will be hidden or not even there will be published.Use Linkedin, Twitter, and Google to find Rapportive.
  • Twitter personnel and environment.
  • Notes: record all the information that may be relevant at the time of contact (style, another article to which you can refer, Linkedin profile, personal blog, etc.

When you have identified who your target, it’s time to start building a relationship that lasts over time and allows you to access the media : follow them on social networks, interact with them, read at least 5 items hers, his biography searches personal blogs, comments on your articles, include them within Twitter lists, etc.


3. Prepare the Media Kit


A Media Kit is a package or package media for the press. It is a set of data elements on a startup that is sent to other media or advertisers with information relevant to them: photos, logos, dossier, company description, departments, customer lists, products, services, etc.

The press kit is the centerpiece of the press kit where you should explain what the company does, the value proposition and what makes it unique. It is here that you must specify what makes you different and newsworthy to generate the interest of journalists.

A brief biography of the founders of the company and the history of the company for the journalist who has a background behind the product. We must also include other information such as company name, website, social media accounts, release date (if applicable) and price (if applicable).

Tip : you must not only send the press kit to talk about your company. Once you have contacts with the media and blogs many opportunities open to appear more frequently with sectoral studies, infographics interest, industry news and anyone producing content that make it newsworthy.


4. Contact journalists


When the time to contact reporters, success will depend on many factors, but if you consider the following 9 tips, chances of success will be much greater:

  1. Do not contact more than 1 journalist through, choose the most appropriate contact and do your best.
  2. Avoid sporadic partners and focus on common editors who writes more often.
  3. Use tools like ToutApp to work with templates and track every email.
  4. Avoid sending impersonal emails to addresses like info @, sales @, @ or similar advertising because they will not get you anywhere.
  5. Do not hesitate to request an email from Twitter. Calls follow you and ask direct email message.
  6. If you are confident, phoning to get directly in touch with the journalist and ask the email. Do not call an uncomfortable situation and do not tell your life on the phone.
  7. Write from an account of a company and not from a corporate e like. Statistically it works best.
  8. Take care of the matter and especially the first line of the email; He is going to see the reporter on the inbox and what will not open or is deleted.
  9. Your message should be as short and direct as possible.
  10. Personalize each email to the person who reads it feel that there is a mass mailing, but is truly personalized and addressed to him.
  11. Never send attachments . Put a link to a page with relevant information and / or to the media kit.
  12. Thanks to all who posted you personally. Cultivate the relationship.




A PR campaign requires a lot of hours of tedious work whose result is not guaranteed.However, it is worth the effort because the benefits of winning media coverage can mean a real change in the path of any company.


PR for Startups: How to make the media talk about you |
PR for Startups: How to make the media talk about you |


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