The Power of Storytelling when it comes to Creating a Brand


Storytelling allows you to create some virality around your project. Do not miss the opportunity to make a mark on your target audience from the beginning.

It is not so easy to find a name for your company and not despair in the attempt. It can be both exciting and frustrating. Until you have a name, you can not work on the logo. If you do not have a logo, you can not start with the web, etc.

Sometimes you even have to start over to create the brand from scratch because you have not taken into account some essential aspects. It is important to be aware of the legal aspects that accompany the whole process. If your name looks too much like an existing brand you may end up having problems and even being sued to change it.

What is storytelling and what is it good for?

Before beginning to tell the importance of storytelling, you have to say 2 or 3 things previously to explain what it is. Just as many have an approximate idea what it is but just as few have an exact definition.

The storytelling is the oldest way to convey a message deeper through a story. The goal is to create an emotional connection between the narrator and audience. The way in which the message is transmitted makes a mark on the person who receives it. It will also be easier to transmit this to the next person so that it can be easily spread to third parties. To learn how to tell better stories, you can take a look at these 6 Ted talks recommended in the blog “The Art of Presenting”.

The storytelling to introduce your brand in the minds of your audience

Marketing is not a channel to get information but seeks to generate emotions in your target audience. The first steps to connect with your audience already have to be made through the name you have chosen.

Give the name a meaning: just as you already know that Google comes from the word Google. It is a number that begins with “1” followed by a hundred times “0” created by the mathematician Edward Kasner. People love the curiosity and are transmitted in a viral way from one person to another.

Do not be afraid to look like a geek: you should not worry too much about looking like a geek because it means being fashionable. Sometimes, the crazier the story, the more attention you’ll call. It’s like when you see an ad on TV and you think “WTF?”. They take you for a crazy, but at least they talk about you.

Tell how you got the idea: I realized that this part is also very important. People are interested in knowing how you got the idea because they want to know the person and their previous journey to launch the new project. Typically influences your work situation, your friends, your environment or any other context that defines you at a specific time.

You have to be convinced: do not invent a story because some blogger has told you that it makes sense. Every time you tell it, people who listen to you have to see the sparkle in your eyes. It has to be a story that you are 100% convinced to get a mark on those who listen to you.
The worst thing that can happen is that someone asks you “Does the name mean anything?” And you have to say “No, it does not mean anything“. It’s like you will not care what you’re doing. You will have missed the first opportunity to apply storytelling to promote your project’s word of mouth.

What are your tips for telling a story when it comes to creating a brand?

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