How to Optimize and Speed up WordPress Website Performance


WordPress is an extraordinary content management system (CMS) and blogging platform used by millions of people around the world for a number of goals such as promoting a business online, building brand awareness, capturing leads, making sales, etc. Startups and small businesses prefer WordPress because of some fascinating features such as a large number of theme options, social media integration, and Simplicity.

Apart from quality contents, Website speed matters a lot for the rapid expansion of your business and user satisfaction. Most of the Internet users browse a website that is loaded quickly. If your website takes a considerable amount of time to be loaded, no matter how quality contents you have published, users abandon your site immediately and they straightaway jump to the next website that provides similar information.
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This affects the performance of your website and its ranking in prominent search engines goes down rapidly. A website with excellent page loading speed enjoys lots of benefits such as low bounce rate, a sharp increase in traffic from mobile devices, more exposure in social media, an increase in user engagement, sales, and advertisements.

Have a look at some important tips and tricks using which you can speed up your WordPress websites:

1. Make your website mobile friendly:



More and more people are using portable mobile devices to browse the Internet. Having a responsible and mobile optimized website keeps you ahead of your competitors. Around 80% people stop visiting your website if it is not mobile-friendly. Mobile friendly websites help you to deliver your contents to the maximum number of Internet users.

2. Make use of CloudFlare:


When your websites get huge traffic, you see activities from spammers. This decreases your websites overall all performance significantly. In order to stop it, you can make use of CloudFlare.

Actually, CloudFlare is a web application that decreases Spam visitors and other threats on your website and helps it to be loaded quickly. It makes use of its own independent caching methods to prevent all useless requests such as images and stylesheets on your website and saves its bandwidth.

3. Select a Good Host:


Generally, people ignore the significance of choosing a good WordPress Hosting while creating a website. One must always keep in mind that web hosting is one of the important factors that decide a web’s success and it supports SEO to increase sales or leads. Choosing a Good is not an easy work as WP hosting because suppliers make false claims and quality of their service remains unverified.

You should choose a WordPress hosting that keeps your websites live at all the times, provide backups and regular updates.

4. Quality Search engine optimization:

Search engine optimization helps your websites to rank higher up on the SERPs of different leading search engines. It’s not an easy task to display your websites on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines because there are already numerous websites available that display the same knowledge and on top of that, several new websites go online everyday.

As the competition is Everest high and people have options to gain the knowledge they are looking, it becomes extremely important for professionals involved in the practice of Search engine optimization, to use the best practices and tips of SEO in order to help their websites higher up on the SERPs of different search engines with appropriate keywords.

Good Search Engine Optimization results in a higher rank in Different search engines, a sharp increase in the traffic of websites you manage, better conversions and sales and increased ROI on your marketing budget.

5. The quality of WP themes:

Only Good Content is not enough for successful WP websites.

It also demands extraordinary and attractive themes. Users like to visit and subscribe the post of a blog if it is properly themed. That’s why, the theme of a blog should draw the attention of web users and keep them interested. Bloggers need to focus on the Presentation of their WP websites before creating contents for publication.

There are a number of Free and premium WP themes using which you can make your website user-friendly and attractive.

6. Choose your plugins carefully:


One of the best features of using WordPress Websites is that you can easily add functionality to your site by installing WP plugins. As there are over 30,000 WordPress plugins available in the official plugin directory, installing numerous plugins will slow down the performance of your website. Always add those plugins that you need to use actively.

7. Disable Trackbacks and Pingbacks:

When you start blogging, you begin getting notifications about pingbacks and trackback. Trackbacks allow bloggers to communicate between websites and Pingbacks enables software to interact with other websites. It is observed that 99% of all trackbacks and pingbacks are Spam and Spammers make use of these two to get a back-link from your site. Providing back-link to a SPAMMER is of no use. Just disable all Trackbacks and Pingbacks on your WP website to increase its performance.

8. Use CDN:

Using CDN (Content Delivery Network or Content Distribution Network) is a system of servers that deliver web pages and other materials available on the Internet to users based on their geographical location. This helps to speed up your WP website in an easy way. If your websites receive huge traffic from all parts of the world, using CDN service allows you to deliver your contents quickly to your readers.

9. Compress CSS and JS files:

If you Compress CSS and JS files of your website, it allows the browser to download the compressed files rapidly. It allows visitors to your website to have high-speed website navigation on the desktop and mobile devices, both.

10. Compress Images:

Because of the invention of the Internet and technological advances, image files are widely used and shared. But, apart from convenience, at most of the times, image files are large and it becomes difficult to store and transmit them.

Large image files are responsible for the sluggishness of a WordPress site. They also eat up site’s bandwidth rapidly. You can compress images on your WP websites using WP plugins in order to reduce the loading time of your website and save its bandwidth.

11. Enable WordPress Cache:

Cache are small files that help a website to deliver its services to users in an efficient way. If you use Caching plugins for WordPress, it will boost the speed of your website by manifolds.


These days, the Internet is all about speed and one of the main reasons for a successful website is that it should load fast. Nobody wants to visit a website which takes a lot of time to load. The Effective implementation of above-mentioned methods will improve your WordPress site load speed up to great extent.

Author Bio:

Tracey Jones is a professional web developer and blogger by hobby. Right now, she is employed with HireWPGeeks Ltd., a PSD to WordPress Company. Apart from these, she loves to write everything about WordPress and share her thought with readers on the web.


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