Key to connect to your consumer with Mobile Marketing

Key to connect to your consumer with Mobile Marketing | tinobusiness
Key to connect to your consumer with Mobile Marketing | tinobusiness

The mobile world is an opportunity that the marketing industry can not afford to miss, because if one thing is certain in this changing ecosystem, is that mobile devices are here to stay and will continue to transform the lives of people.

The mobile marketing is one that creates promotion, distribution and sales using mobile devices (cell phones, smartphones, tablets, wearable tech) as a channel of contact with users through apps, social networks and web platforms “responsive” or adaptable to these technological tools.

The need to create marketing strategies focused on mobile comes from factors such as the growing number of devices around the world, according to statistics from the GSM Association, or GSMA reached 7,230 million, surpassing the number of people on the planet, which is of 7197 million people, in addition to the penetration of 3G and 4G, allowing users to be connected to the web anywhere in the world and in Colombia, for example, it amounted to 19,603,885 subscribers to these services at the end of 2014, according to reports provided by the ICT Ministry. It is because of this context that brands must be tucked in the devices of its members.

History of Mobile Marketing

In recent years we have seen interesting and disruptive examples of using mobile phones to create stunning marketing strategies that allow companies to be among the most indispensable devices for people today. But the history of this type of marketing can be traced back several years, where in 2003 started using the SMS or text messages and advertising commercial way.

Since then, shares of mobile marketing were advancing hand in hand with technological developments that were added each year to cell phones: messages and special discounts received via Bluetooth, special information disseminated through QR codes placed on containers or fences, or Internet pages specifically designed for mobile internet first brands are some of the examples of the beginnings.


But the moment that changed the course for this type of Mercade was given in 2007 when Apple introduced the first iPhone, an event that would give a total turn to the ecosystem, it introduced the concept of “Smartphone” as an element can be from which handle various aspects of daily life of a person through applications, a fact that not only changed the industry of telephony and computing, but also shocked the world of marketing, so much so that it is expected that in 2016 the Global spending on mobile marketing will grow to 22,000 million.

What awaits the Mobile Marketing in the future?

As we saw, the mobile marketing is the pace of technological advances that have the industry of mobile phones and mobile devices, that is why we can predict what comes to this branch of marketing will perfectly suit the requirements of each one of the users and the different companies driven by the developments and progress of an industry that continues to innovate.

That’s why we want to show you some of the trends that are slowly conquering the world and how are positively affecting different business models.

Shopping for texting

IM services are indispensable in every smartphone and tablet, but the marks are not left behind when it comes to use these platforms as a means of trade and marketing. The clearest example is the case of WeChat, the instant messaging application that provides electronic sales service through which there have been several success stories like the Chinese wireless carrier Xiaomi who managed to sell more than 150 000 units of one of its devices in just 9 minutes and 55 seconds through the platform in 2014.

Another prominent example of purchases made through WeChat was made by Nike, as they devised a tactic and promote their products, also sparked the imagination and creativity of its customers. In this activity, sports equipment multinational invited its users to add contacts in courier and send a picture where the color scheme is that people prefer to shew, to change the company would send a pair of custom shoes with those shades they chose.

Mobile Thru

One of the benefits that have brought us the mobile device and its many advances, is the agility they give us a time where you live at high speed and no time to lose. Several brands have understood this and have noticed that the experience in trade points should be pleasurable, but also quick and simple: to achieve in the apps have been great allies.

Taco Bell, for example, has taken the concept of fast food to another level, as it created a mobile application so that your customers can order your order a personalized way, pay your food and decide if they want to pick it up at the point of sale or from his vehicle in the window ‘Drive Thru’. Similarly Starbucks also created an app where customers can also prepay your order and pick it up at any of its branches, it is even possible to tip your barista.

Taco Bell Promo App from PrimaryColorMusic on Vimeo.

Marketing wearable

In a way we all have at least one favorite dress when brand, but that do not mean this trend. With the constant evolution of the ‘Internet of Things ” and “Wearable Tech” as indispensable in the world of mobile technology items, we will see more and more brands will use these devices to generate value to its users more than just sell products consumption.

While companies focused on niche fitness world and have gotten into the trend (the Fuelband Nike, Fitbit and Jawbone Up bracelet) can anticipate that with the advancement of these devices, more and more companies from various indoles using these technological advances will to innovate in areas such as digital marketing, marketing analytics and content marketing.

A clear example of this can be found in the innovative strategy of the Marriott hotel chain, where gives you the opportunity to portray their holidays in a different and exciting way through their partnership with GoPro and its latest device the GoPro Hero 4, setting a milestone in the marketing content through user-generated content.


Not have the resources for a mobile application is no excuse not to get involved in the mobile marketing, because sometimes the innovation lies in knowing how to use the resources that someone else offers.

Critical applications on each device as Evernote, WhatsApp, Skype, Waze, Uber among others, can be used by your company to create impact and value in all its users.

Traditional ‘Post-it’ have been an element that never disappears from the offices and workplaces, so they detected an interesting insight into the users of your product, because in the meetings people were taking pictures of the annotations placed on these small pieces of paper. Taking advantage of this, 3M decided to integrate photos of ‘Post-it’ with the Evernote application and analyzes the role it now fits the text, organized by the color of the note, and then automatically saved in the application, giving new life and reach your product through the mobile world.

Similarly, the TV Game of Thrones, with the help of Uber, developed a promotional tactic that could be considered mobile marketing, then gave the users of this service the possibility of asking the ‘Iron Throne’ – iconic element of the narrative universe of history will come to their homes to have the experience of living the cherished dream of all the characters in the series.

Living with your customer

The advantages of the mobile world for any brand is to be even closer to its customers and be an unconditional support for them at all times, while showing their products and services.

As evidence of this, the designer brand furniture Ikea created an interesting application in which not only helps users to decorate your home in a personalized way, but also has the opportunity to showcase its product. In the app , customers can take a picture of a specific place in your home and start putting different items of the company to know how that space would not only be useful but also adds significant value to all products.

Clearly, the world is moving so fast that trends in the mobile marketing continue to evolve, changing and emerging everywhere, so this way you can make sure is that mobile will play an increasingly important role in the evolution and user behavior in social networks and the digital environment, affecting other new marketing tactics such as content marketing and experiential, among many others.

So if you have not thought of a focused strategy in the mobile world, now is the time. It is never too late to start, but given the speed with which change occurs, the more time passes the harder it is to catch up on this issue.

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