Job description of the CEO

Job description of the CEO | tinobusiness
Job description of the CEO | tinobusiness

Job Description of a general manager in an organization.

A. Identification

• Name Position: General Manager.
• Number of people occupying the position:

1. Position the Direct Head

  •  Directory.



B. Summary charge


Its functions are to plan, organize, direct, control, coordinate, analyze, calculate and deduct the work of the company, in addition to hiring the right people, making this during the workday.



C. Regular activities

• Plan the general and specific objectives of the company’s short and long term.

• Organize the structure of current and future business; as well as the duties and charges.

• Direct the company, make decisions, monitor and be a leader within it.

• Check the planned activities by comparing them with what has been done and detect deviations or differences.

• Coordinate with the Executive Secretary of Sale and meetings, increasing the number and quality of customers making purchases of materials, decide on reparations or damages to the company.

• Decide regarding recruitment, selection, training, and locate the appropriate personnel for each position.

• Analyze business problems in the financial, administrative, personnel, accounting aspect among others.

• Perform mathematical, algebraic and financial calculations.

• Deduct or conclude the analyzes above.




D. Requirements mental capacity and skills

Requirements or capabilities are planning, controlling, directing, organizing, analyzing, calculating, deduct (were explained above). Mental abilities that should possess the person for this position are numerical, language, basic knowledge of the activities of subordinates and psychological as empathy, etc.



E. Physical requirements

You must have auditory and visual attention, generally sit and walk into the office to work of the workday.



F. Environmental conditions

The work is done in an office, with appropriate temperature, natural humidity, characteristics of normal hygiene, suitable lighting and a good structure.




G. Physical Hazards

The risks in the company are accidents from falls, which can cause bruising to various parts of the body and by falling furniture, chairs, tables, etc.



H. Skill Manual

The skills required for the position are:

English language.

College: University and / or technical.

Titles: Sales Engineer, Business Administration.

Complementary studies: Computer, administration, finance, accounting, marketing and sales.

Experience: who is 2 years minimum experience in similar positions.




I. Liability Decisions

The Board of Directors of the Corporation is responsible for monitoring and controlling the CEO with regard to the functions assigned to that office.
Decision-making at the level of general management of the company, hire staff, set prices, etc.



 J. Responsibility for monitoring

Officials overseeing the CEO are the Secretary, Sales Executive, Sales Agents, the Assistant amenities and / or Vigilante.




K. Liability for personal contacts

With senior officials of the company, customers, banks, financial, AFP, etc.




 L. Responsibility for accuracy

Errors in managing the company may affect the stability of the company.



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