Is there any work for youth 15 years old?

Is there any work for youth 15 years old? | tinobusiness
Is there any work for youth 15 years old? | tinobusiness

Most have minimum age requirements in force when it comes to hiring . Many of them require that teens are at least 16 years old. While it may be difficult for young people age 15 to find work, it is feasible. There are many places that hire young people 15 years of age. Some of these works are obvious, some not. With a little imagination it is possible that a 15-year-old finds a way to make money.


Grocery / Local Markets

Most and grocery of fruits and vegetables will hire local youths 15 years old. Job responsibilities may include customer billing, bagging food, stocking shelves and cleaning. Other responsibilities may include helping with inventory, establish storefronts or greet customers.

Fast food restaurants

There are many fast food restaurants that hire young people 15 years of age. Job responsibilities may include preparing food, taking orders, bagging orders, work in the service window cleaning and restaurant. Other responsibilities may include storing inventory, sweep the parking lot, store the ice machine and patrolling the dining room to see if the client needs something.



Services in the neighborhood

The neighborhood of a 15-year-old is a great place to find work.Teens can ask around to see if anyone needs help bathing or walking their dogs, carrying out maintenance lawn, washing the car, babysitting, cleaning the house or preparing meals. Other jobs that can run to teens from their neighborhood may include Christmas decorations, gift wrapping, packing moving boxes, cleaning the garage of his neighbor or assist in a garage sale.

Tutoring jobs

15- year-bright, friendly and intelligent age can find work as tutors for elementary students.The tutoring jobs may appear in the local newspaper or bulletin you library. Teachers often can help their students find jobs teens tutoring. Teens should take a tutoring job only if they are competent in the matter with which you will be helping.

Local small business owners

Owners of small businesses often employ young people from 15 years old to help their business. Teens are often surprised by the amount of local business owners with whom they have contact. Asking their parents who they know who owns small businesses in your area can sometimes work to gather some clues to the adolescent. Job responsibilities vary depending on the type of business in which the teenager used.

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