Internet and Newspapers advertising | advantages & disadvantages

Internet and Newspapers advertising | advantages & disadvantages | tinobusiness
Internet and Newspapers advertising | advantages & disadvantages | tinobusiness

Internet and newspapers are considered two of the five types of traditional media used for advertising. The others are Television, Radio and Magazines. Each medium has advantages and disadvantages to consider when deciding to choose the best way to post messages or advertise. Internet and newspapers are both useful means of advertising when you actually take your message to the audience right.


Advantages of advertising on Internet

Traditional Internet is the newest medium. A major advantage of Internet advertising is the cost as an advertising. Normally, you pay for your ad based on the number of people it reaches. (++ Tips for selling print advertising ) The selection of audience is another great benefit because you can identify site-specific audiences. Following the results of Internet advertising is also a strong point. Online sites have very good monitoring tools to track unique visitors, visits, page views and impressions on the pages where your ad appears. Versatility is another advantage. You can place ads in boxes of different sizes, popup ads, text ads and audio and video playback.

Disadvantages of Internet advertising

The percentages follow clicking a burden on Internet advertising. People often ignore ads and prevent pop-up ads and other types of ads. The uncertainty of what works through online advertising is another disadvantage. As the newest type of advertising, the Internet is still evolving. Technology such as blocking pop-up ads, helps the user to avoid those ads. In some cases, the audience at the Web site controls its exposure to the announcement, as reproductions of audio and video and the need to click through the ad to see the full message.

Advantages of advertising in newspapers


Punctuality is a great advantage of advertising in newspapers in relation to many other types of media. Often you can take an ad or two days before being released. Newspapers are great for the geographical focus. Local businesses often make use of local newspapers to focus on a local geographical market. State, regional and national newspapers offer broader geographic opportunities. Credibility is another strong point of the day in relation to other media. People often perceive that, because ads are data and content is based on news, are more credible.

Disadvantages of advertising in newspapers

Newspapers have a short life. Regarding magazines, newspaper advertisements have limited potential long as they often display are recycled or thrown away after the first read. The playback quality affects the quality of the printing especially in the latter part of the run of the production. You also have limited ability to attack segmented through daily markets.While the geographic focus is an advantage, you have to pay for the daily hearing regardless of who fits in your market segment.


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