Do not miss these innovative space business that will leave you with mouth open

Do not miss these innovative space business that will leave you with mouth open |

The space is an infinitely place unknown to man, but also causes great fascination and perhaps why many dreamers have left their imaginations seeking ways to reach the farthest place, on the other hand there are some innovators who want to create business based on space flights.

The space race has been gaining momentum since the time of the 60’s and have made great strides, but as they say everything has its end and this was to end when governments decreased their contributions to space travel. Only now there is salvation, the private sector is taking over and is injecting large amounts of capital flow with the intention to do research to continue the race for space.



Large corporations have already implemented an innovative business or are on track to do so in the hope of getting a good return exploring new worlds, sending people into space, making space tourism and other very creative ways. That’s why then we see some ways in which creative businesses are commercially exploiting space:


Space tourist


logo-virgin-galacticWho would not like to know the space, leaving the land and see that picture of our planet as we see in the pictures, that’s just not possible for anyone, only for those with a large surplus money for a sightseeing flight through space. The company Virgin Galactic has almost everything ready for the first tourist trip into space for $ 200,000.



Space pilot

logo-XCOROn Earth there are courses for pilots of small aircraft, but can you imagine drive your own spaceship and leave Earth for some minutes?, that will be possible in a few years thanks to the companies XCOR offering this experience for about $ 95,000.



Stepping on the moon

logo-space-adventuresIn 1969 Neil Armstrong stepped on the moon for the first time and as he said: “It is a small step for man, one giant leap for mankind”, the trouble is that they have not been more spectacular news like that, but do not be discouraged for those adventurers, business Space Adventures, Excalibur Almaz and Golden Spike will offer trips to the Moon and even says that these last two space tourists can walk on the moon. The tour packages are around $ 102,000.




Space Reality

logo-spacexThere are some people who are not happy with the life they lead in the earth, for them the company SpaceX offers a new life but in the distant planet Mars, the bad is that it’s a one-way trip in 2023. To travel no need to have much money, almost everything will pay the company that will get funds from various investors and recover the money with a worldwide transmission of the entire voyage, it will be as a spatial reality.




As the stars


When a person dies some believe that this becomes a star and I have no doubt it does, just that so far no one has tried. The company Elysium Space wants something closer to the idea and implemented a service to send your loved one’s ashes into space be.The ashes will travel in a special capsule with a special message and remain in orbit for several months until finally re-enters the earth incinerated as a shooting star. Relatives can follow the path through an application developed by the company.



Interplanetary payment system


PayPal is an online payment company that has a great reputation on the Internet, is now planning to take a step further and wants to launch a system of payments to launch interplanetary space commerce. It is unclear how this will be implemented and the currency you want to use only on the increase in new business space.





logo-orbitalThe company Orbital is the only one that is currently making money from it has become a leading global provider of satellite middle class which, of course are used by other businesses in communications, scientific research, defense and intelligence .

To you, what other innovative business idea comes to mind?


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