How to Increase the Value of a Brand – my 3 basic strategies in my projects

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The value of a company is not determined solely through its billing. Beyond your sales, brand strength is an essential asset of any business.

People need brands. They make us feel better. They reflect our values among other things. We like to think that we are part of a group of people with similar and privileged interests.

When more value has a brand, the stronger the desire of people to be part of this “elite”. That is why marketing continues to be important and plays a fundamental role in any company’s strategy.

The fundamental question is: how can we grow the value of our brand? There is no exact way because copying the strategies of successful companies on few occasions is the perfect plan.

1 Tell a story that leaves a mark on people
2 Create community around your brand
3 Launch Submarines with the strength of the main brand

Tell a story that leaves a mark on people


Tell a storyThey are often things that are intangible. The art of storytelling is part of it. It does not always matter what a company does, but rather what it stands for and where it comes from.

It is the marketing of happiness that is able to touch the little heart of people. The best marketers know that it is more important to leave a mark than to create impacts. It is the emotional touch that makes the difference and not the one that with the greatest volume tries to get our attention.

Create community around your brand

Create communityWhat gives a brand more value is its ability to attract unconditional followers. It is a competition that can not be overcome with better technology, a more beautiful design or a cheaper price.

It has a lot to do with the karma you create. Although companies have to live on something your users perceive that they receive much more in return for what they put. It is the ability to increase the value of a product without necessarily increasing the cost.

Launch Submarines with the strength of the main brand

With a brand, you reach a well-defined niche market. To grow and expand you have to limit yourself. There is a moment when you touch the ceiling and it is a question of expanding the market potential or being satisfied with what there is.

To avoid confusion, it may make sense to create new sub-brands based on the strength of the first. Coca-Cola is probably a good example of how to do it well: with its Light, Zero, etc. sub-brands. Have shown that this is a good way to achieve this, although obviously not all sub-brands have been successful from the beginning and even some have failed.

Creating a brand from scratch is already complicated but growing it even more. When it comes to expanding and diversifying markets you have to respect the growth phases of a company and more if you are a start-up.

The strategies presented are being applied (or about to be implemented) in several projects. Later on, I will comment on the first results obtained.

ThanksĀ to our partner CARLOS BRAVO for giving us an idea to create more posts in these regards. Stay tuned …

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