All you need to know about Inbound Marketing: concept, elements and complete process

All you need to know about Inbound Marketing: concept, elements and complete process |
All you need to know about Inbound Marketing: concept, elements and complete process |

The Inbound Marketing or Attraction marketing is a set of techniques that aim to reach our potential customers in a non-intrusive and interrupting the least. Its philosophy focuses on the brand or company be found by customers, it is not sold directly but are given the opportunity to purchase something.

The aim with this type of marketing is:

  • The increase in traffic on our web qualified.
  • Increased conversion rate of traffic to leads.
  • Higher conversion rate of leads that creates new customers.
  • Improving the online reputation of the brand or company.

In short each company operating the Inbound Marketing wants to capture leads that, over time, become customers. But without reaching them interrupting them so intrusive, but the user for their own interests and needs come to them.

All you need to know about Inbound Marketing: concept, elements and complete process |


Content marketing


You have to make content that is of interest to the target audience. This information is collected in different formats like downloadable guides, blog posts, video tutorials, infographics, podcasts …

All you need to know about Inbound Marketing: concept, elements and complete process |

SEO Services

Mandatory task for any company’s website, allowing us to achieve better results in the search engines. Thus the brand gets more visibility and generates more traffic to the web.

Social media marketing

We must focus on attracting qualified leads that later become customers. For this you use the social networks to better disseminate the contents as they are easily accessible platforms for users, make them more popular and create a community around the brand. Social networking platforms are relatively inexpensive marketing campaigns.

Lead generation

Is the use of any means for conducting marketing or advertising strategies aimed at the web visits become leads; can be SEO, content marketing and social networks … that direct users to landing pages that capture your attention and leave their data after getting content as defined in the technical content marketing.

Lead scoring

It is to design strategies that allow us to make a follow-up activity and behaviors leads when surfing the web page. In this way we can analyze the level of interest the leads on products or services.

In short it is an assessment of business opportunities .

There are several tools that can help perform this task if that we have large volumes of leads will assess such complex information: HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot.

Lead nurturing

It is a technique that aims a lead matures and becomes over time a buyer. After grasping you have to keep informing and linking him to the enterprise; since I grasp until the decision of purchase, at which time and becomes a client. The system that follows is usually the email marketing, newsletter sending performing and personalized newsletters with interesting offers and links to download documents.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

The Outbound Marketing is the set of marketing techniques like cold calling, television or radio advertisements or mailing that are not in demand by consumers, but the interrupt. Although these are marketing techniques that have been used in recent decades, the consumer is becoming less tolerant up with these interruptions and their effectiveness has been declining over time.

The Inbound Marketing is a marketing philosophy that advocates do not interrupt, but to be where the consumer demand in a timely manner. Through social networking, content marketing and SEO companies get potential customers to find them when they need a service or product and a series of consensual interactions (vs. interruptions) which likewise aim to close the sale occurs.

Some facts about the Inbound Marketing

Last April HubSpot presented the Annual Report on the State of Inbound Marketing. They conducted interviews with 3,339 marketing professionals in 128 countries. One of the conclusions reached is that the future of marketing  has a lot to do with inbound marketing:

  • 58% of marketers and puts it into practice.
  • It is effective because it generates 54% more leads than the traditional Outbound Marketing.
  • 48% of marketers plans to increase its investment in this discipline in 2013. It is the third consecutive year that advertisers increase their budgets in Inbound Marketing.
  • It is a good time to have a web customer focused as the Inbound Marketing generates 100% more conversions than the Outbound.
  • The cost per lead of Inbound Marketing is lower than that of Outbound Marketing.
  • The specialists in Inbound Marketing are increasingly in demand. During 2013 the contracts in this field will increase by 125%.
  • The time spent in working hours to inbound marketing tasks already amounts to 44%.



The Inbound Marketing Process Infographic

The Inbound Marketing Process Infographic All you need to know about Inbound Marketing: concept, elements and complete process |

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