How to withdraw money from Google AdSense

How to withdraw money from Google AdSense | tinobusiness
How to withdraw money from Google AdSense | tinobusiness

AdSense is an advertising program to blogs and other sites web. Blog creators can register for the service and placed Google pay per click advertising on the blog. When the creator of a blog reaches $ 10 profit, Google starts to pay out winnings.

Google AdSense offers several payment options, including paper check and transfers of electronic (EFT). The easiest way to withdraw money from AdSense is sign EFT service and then withdraw the money from your bank account.


How to withdraw/get your earned money from Google AdSense:

1. Open your web browser and access your Google AdSense account. Select the link “My account”. Find the heading “Payment Details” and select it, and then click “Edit”. Click “Add new bank account” under the “Electronic Funds Transfer”. Select “Continue”.

2. Enter the information for your bank account. You can get the number from your bank account at your bank extract or the bottom of your checks. You will also need the name of your bank. Select “Save changes” when you have entered the information.


3. Wait a week for Google to send you a test deposit. If you do not see, wait 10 days. Check your tank accessing your online banking. Google tank will be labeled as “AFS RE GOOGLE”.

4. Access your Google AdSense account. Selects, link “My Account” and then “payment details”. Select “Verify this account” and enter the test deposit amount that Google did in your bank account. Click the “Next” button and wait for Google to verification.

5. Check the box next to your bank account to be your default payment method. Wait till the 15th of the month or the following month for your monthly payment, then go to your local bank branch and withdraw funds. You can use an ATM or go inside to the cashier and ask for the withdrawal of funds.


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