How to remove Google ads? | Here is how

How to remove Google ads? | Here is how | tinobusiness
How to remove Google ads? | Here is how | tinobusiness

The ads of Google have become a source inexhaustible make money for both company Google for showing as its website users. Although Google ads have changed the way you see advertising that does not mean that everyone wants to see. There are some ways you can remove ads from websites you like to see and block ads on your personal website.


Greasemonkey is a complement to the Mozilla Firefox browser that lets you make changes to the HTML Web pages. These changes happen automatically when you open the web page in which you have loaded a script. A script is a line of program code to add Greasemonkey to carry out its task. To remove Google ads from web pages, you must download the Greasemonkey add-on for the Firefox browser. Once you’ve added, download remove the ad script. Once you’ve finished downloading restart Firefox.

Adblock Plus

Add Block Plus is another plugin available to users of Firefox, Thunderbird, SeaMonkey, Songbird and Prism. Go to the website and AdBlock Plus Download for your browser or application. Once downloaded, it will give a message to restart the browser or application. Once you reboot, you will be presented with a screen that gives you options for regions that want to block. Choose the region in which you are. Adblock Plus is set up and your websites will now be free of advertisements.

Blogger Google Ads

If you have a Blogger account and you’re upset about the prevalence of ads on your site or you are not satisfied with the content of the ads, you can remove them by deleting a few lines of code in Blogger templates. Login to your account and select the Template tab. Once in the area of the template, click \ “Edit Current”. Find the AdSense code on your site and delete Blogger.

The code will look something like this:

<script type = \ “text / javascript \”> <- google_ad_client = \ “pub-0000000000000 \” google_ad_width = 728 GO GO GO google_ad_format google_ad_height = 90 = \ “728x90_as \” GO! google_ad_type = \ “text_image \” GO google_ad_channel = \ “\” GO // -> </ script> <script type = \ “text / javascript \” src = \ “ /show_ads.js \ “> </ script>.

Once this is done, apply the changes and check your blog to see the changes. You can do this with various blog websites. Just search the AdSense code and delete it.

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  1. Help,i can not add Adblock Plus to my Chrome,it says NETWORK_FAILED and i can not install any ADBLOCK,PLEASE HELP ME!!

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