How to properly provide feedback to an employee

How to properly provide feedback to an employee | tinobusiness
How to properly provide feedback to an employee | tinobusiness

In a company you will find many types of employees and personalities. Similarly, there are many ways to provide feedback to people to check their performance, analyzing whether their way to work or not work and why.

Here we see some of the most common ways to provide adequate feedback to workers.



Sandwich method

Probably the most common method of providing feedback is the sandwich method. This method begins with a eulogy to then offer criticism and then end with another positive aspect.

  • Eulogy – a speech or piece of writing that praises someone or something highly, especially a tribute to someone who has just died.

The effectiveness of this method lies in its ability to show their value and usefulness employee in the team, but more work is needed on some things. Moreover, as starts and ends with something that pleases the increases employee motivation and feel useful, recognized and important part.



Sample Evaluation

The evaluation method is based on the realization of questions and is more a conversation than a speech. To be more conversational, the method can trigger debate and may predispose the employee to support you need to make changes, being he himself realizes. That is, this method promotes positive behavior change.

The evaluation method is based on the realization of open questions which allow employees to express themselves freely, explain their mode of action and justify their actions. This also requires a self-assessment of the situation.



What feedback model is best?

Both models work very well. The key is knowing how to use the most appropriate in every circumstance and adapt to each individual employee.

For example, the sandwich method ideal for informal moments in coaching or to clarify any problems or trouble spot, especially if done quickly, almost improvised and more people in front way.

The evaluation model need privacy and a fixed amount of time. We must prepare. Typically it used for more serious things or when programming fixedly every time.


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