How to measure the impact of online marketing?

social networks

Today’s dilemmas: the effect of actions on social networks and web platforms. Here is an outline of what to do to measure investment.

In general, all brands have a digital proposal in their communication and with an ecosystem of their own to feed ( Fan page, Website, Youtube). They are spaces where people are going to know about the brand or the company, or to relate to it through messages or consultations.

Measuring the return on investment on the digital agenda is a challenge. There are metrics that talk about the number of clicks and fans or people entering a site from a given call. However, it is difficult to know if those people will persist in linking to the digital ecosystem of the brand.

In other words, it is feasible and simple to know how many people were exposed to a campaign, but to know if they had any relationship with the company, if they remember something that the brand tried to transmit or if they returned after the campaign was over, it is a lot more complex. Added to this is the difficulty that users enter through different devices, such as a PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

For this reason, technological developments began to emerge in order to solve these questions. One of them is an application, from Meeter, a tracking software that records the navigation performed by the person during a predetermined time and in those devices that he uses. To do this, consumers of a brand are asked to agree to participate in this research and download the app to their devices. Its approval is fundamental, because this must be totally transparent. From there it is possible to see if they were or were not exposed to the communication of the brand and if they modified their navigation somewhat: if they entered the ecosystem of that brand, when and in what way, if they related to it …


On the other hand, a survey can be made asking the same users about the image of the brand, how they perceive their positioning against the competition if they understood the communication and other aspects related to the campaign. From understanding the relationship of the consumer to the proposal of the brand, indicators are obtained to estimate the return on investment in the digital medium.

These tools provide a behavioural data (knowing how and where people navigate) and a declarative information (the consumer’s understanding of the campaign). The two are the most relevant aspects to check the efficiency of the actions carried out by the brand.

We can also add an aspect linked to loyalty and the relationship with the brand in terms of positioning in the top of mind: the extent to which the campaign left traces in the customer’s head and the customer modified their purchase decision or improved their relationship with the company.

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