How to measure the cost per click on Facebook

How to measure the cost per click on Facebook | tinobusiness
How to measure the cost per click on Facebook | tinobusiness

If you buy ads on Facebook, this information will care what does it mean CPC on Facebook?

We write our friends at Facebook to share with us some updates on how they begin to measure the cost per click and what they mean. Here his statement:

Advertisers are turning to Facebook to achieve their business goals, as traffic outlets or clicks on websites, and need to know how effective your ads to reach the established goal. The social network updated the definition of cost per click (CPC) to include only clicks to websites and applications, instead of likes, share and comment.

This update is designed to help manufacturers better understand how their ads perform in relation to the achievement of its objectives. In the coming weeks, this change applies to Ads Manager and Power Editor. This is what you need to know about the update.

How to measure currently the CPC on Facebook?


Currently, CPC takes into account any click on a given ad unit: one like, comment, share a click to the website, “more”, etc

What is the current CPC definition?

Updating CPC only refer to what we call -that “link clicks” ie, clicks related to certain objectives ad:

  • Clicks to visit another website
  • The clicks that call for action to address another website (“Buy Now”)
  • Clicks to install an application
  • Clicks to Facebook  canvas apps
  • Clicks to watch a video on another site

Why change the definition?

In recent years, the supply of ads on Facebook are increasingly customized to help advertisers reach their specific business goals. This update is part of that effort: it is designed to provide a more aligned to what advertisers are looking measurement to optimize your campaigns based on their stated objectives

What does this change?

Once this change begins to be implemented advertisers who care more for the clicks to links begin to see a better return on your investment in advertising, as will be paying only for the most valuable result. Separate link clicks of engagement clicks  (a likes and comments) means that the budget will be spent more efficiently regardless of whether it committed clicks or engagement .

As a result of this change, some reports metrics clicks campaigns could look different.Excluding likes, sharing and feedback, the CPC may rise, but could also become more valuable as they only count the clicks you want. Similarly, it would seem that the click-through rate (CTR) has fallen; this is because the CTR will not factor in additional clicks.

Are the “other” even imported clicks?

If an ad has many likes and sharing, is a sign that high quality content is reaching the right people. This signal helps positive ads work better and advertisers to continue investing in theengagement clicks (including comments, likes and share) by simply choosing other optimization options, if they so wish. These results, however, will be tracked in the updated definition of CPC.

It is also important to remember that having large amounts of likes and share in an advertisement or publication is rarely an end in itself. The most important factor for the success of an ad is to bet on the correct business objective.

The update marks benefit where it is important to visit another site, such as those dedicated to e-commerce who will see better results to its investment in Facebook ads.

What’s Next?

It depends on how Facebook advertising purchases.

  • Buyer through Facebook interfaces (such as Ads Manager or Power Editor) do not need to do anything at this time. Later there will be details on upgrading to the implementation of the CPC at the interfaces.

If you buy through a Facebook Marketing Associate you should talk to your partner to know when they will be implementing the new API to update the CPC.



  • Buyer through API you can start buying ads with CPC update from July 8 in API v2.4 in the ad. If necessary, you can continue to use the previous CPC until 7 October. After this date, is only available upgrading the CPC.


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