How to Invest in Social Responsibility

How to Invest in Social Responsibility | tinobusiness
How to Invest in Social Responsibility | tinobusiness

Corporate social responsibility, is gaining greater acceptance at the corporate level and market; changing the dynamics and the way they perform daily operations. The key: Profitable businesses that benefit the community.


In recent years, social responsibility has taken great importance in corporate governance, policies and relationships that organizations engage with employees, shareholders, the environment, customers and the general public; reputational generate wider benefits in terms of attractiveness to investors and even profitability.

Some investment fronts that matter globally implemented are:

  • Maintenance of the basic conditions: compliance with labor standards and accepted, in light of the standards demanded by consumers, governments and even activists environmental practices.
  • Inputs and processes: investing in clean technology, using ecological packaging, focusing on green products and reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Communication: invest in awareness campaigns aimed at influencing customers and educate them; in addition to keeping consumers informed of the actions, practices, beliefs and rules of the company; ask their opinions, feedback and participation.
  • Reduction – preventing global warming: reducing carbon footprint to help protect the environment through investments in green energy; and includes in the supply chain of green inputs or less environmental impact.
  • Poverty: poverty has been an issue to resolve in the history of mankind; jobs being one of the tools to combat it. In this sense, many companies around the world generate job options and invest in local infrastructure and in education and health of residents and the communities surrounding the production process, as an alternative income generation and support boosting the economy.
  • Education : Even in developed countries, educational programs are a good alternative to develop capabilities and opportunities of the future economy. In this sense, some corporations working to improve education, providing financial support to educational institutions in the world; promoting training in science, technology, engineering and mathematics, as well as improving the skills of the students, their skills in creativity, collaboration, conflict resolution and entrepreneurship.

Cultivate social responsibility is a continuous process and a vital element in corporate strategy, investment and organizational culture; becoming an important factor for success and reputational element to employees and external stakeholders.



The more the social responsibility program is aligned with the core business, the greater the boost to communities. A smart investment for society, organizational image, profitability and even business continuity.



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