How to influence people (3 steps)

How to influence people (3 steps)

Great scientists, psychiatrists and psychologists, like Robert Cialdini, have spoken of the science of influence and its power over people, reaching inevitable conclusions.

As a human being, you can be manipulated. It’s the truth even if it hurts.

Despite this, there are thousands of people saying they are not affected by manipulations. Nothing more false than this.

You and I both want the same thing and we are sensitive to the same things. You are human. This is why you want to satisfy your basic needs, such as eating, reproducing, being happy, and being accepted.

These principles govern the techniques of persuasion I will share in this article. If you want to be truly influential, you have a duty to understand the human mind.


In this article, you will learn the 3 essential steps that the executive directors of Fortune 500 companies use to make their empires work through their influence. Use these principles one by one and conquer your dreams and desires.

WARNING: The solutions presented in this text should be used for the good.  These steps you must apply with MUCH caution: A great power asks you a great responsibility.  If you pass your hand you can pass as a manipulator. Playing with the minds of others is not a game.


1. Make People Imagine

The power of the imagination has unsuspected limits. Name a day when imagining has been bad for you.

How to influence people (3 steps)

Undoubtedly, dreaming and making dreams are two of the great engines that move us as a society. This is why people love to imagine and dream.

But not all are so imaginative.

You, as an influential person, have the responsibility and duty to make others dream about what you propose.

John Lennon, the singer of The Beatles, had a song that was a success in the lists. “Imagine”, which is a subject with piano and voice, managed at the exact moment of history, to make society dream of a world of peace, where there were no religions or wars.

Lennon, in addition to finishing being a social leader, was a VERY INFLUENT person in the western society. Only because it stimulated our imagination and made us dream of peace.


2. Express Yourself Safely

You admire those who are sure of themselves, who can get what they want. They are people with determination, and you value those who are like that.

To be influential you must be this way. Secure in your actions.

It’s OK to be afraid, but you should NEVER prove it. Self-confident people, who express themselves unabashedly, are the ones who boldly go out in front regardless of what others say.

Therefore you must show the world that you are sure of what you do, doing great things with your iron will.

But if you feel insecure, not everything is lost. Apply the following steps to see a change in your life:

Step 1.  Find happiness within yourself and do not depend on anyone.
Step 2.  Stop doubting. You’re an assertive person.
Step 3.  Have a straight posture, do not bend.
Step 4.  Speak loud and clear
Step 5. Express your ideas with freedom

By applying these steps you will look more confident, and without a doubt, you will be closer to being more influential.


3.  Stay informed and share news

Everyone likes to be aware of news and latest information of importance to your society. If you are someone who stays informed and reading you will have half the way done.

How to influence people (3 steps)

People believe and are influenced by those who are in the eye of the hurricane, know important information, and also share it.

Undoubtedly, sharing information first hand will have an advantage, because every time something happens, you will have the answer.

Put an example, if something happens, as a scientific discovery, share it with others. If more things happen in connection with that discovery in the future and you generate curiosity about that idea, who do you think will come to be informed?

Having control over information will be a filter, which will directly influence the opinion of others. Communication expert Lewin talked about this type of people and called them Gatekeepers. Those who choose information for the masses.

These 3 basic steps will help you become more influential

Now that you know a little more about how your brain works, you have a great responsibility in your hands. Being a good person, influential, is not anything. The others will depend on you and will be attentive to your next words. 

What else do you think you need to be influential?

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