How To Increase Web Traffic with Social Networks

How To Increase Web Traffic with Social Networks -

The social networks have enormous potential to share information with our audience, get their feedback and attract it to our website. But unfortunately, they often do not appreciate this communication channel as it deserves because we do not measure and analyze their results.

Connecting the engagement that social networks generate web traffic is a need to increase and optimize our marketing campaigns.

The tactics described in this guide will help you analyze and increase web traffic from your social networks.

1. Measure traffic from social networks

Begin by measuring the percentage and volume of visitors coming to your website through social networks. You will use this as a benchmark to set objectives in the medium and long term.

By analyzing the peaks or drops of social traffic over time you will be able to identify the successes and mistakes in your social media marketing strategy.

2. Ranking Social Networking


What social networks attract more traffic? By identifying which channel of social communication refers the most visits to your site you can know where you should focus your efforts, and identify tactics that are using that channel and are worked, but you’re not using it in others.


3. Compare the community of your social networks with your web audience

Determine whether there are significant differences between the audience of your social networks and your website. Are they from the same geographical areas? Of the same age? Do they have the same interests? It is important that the target audience is the same for your social media marketing campaign be successful.

4. Identify your main Influencers

Identify users who refer more traffic from social networks to your website. Determines how often sharing content and size of your audience. Also investigating other potential influencers who do not know your brand but that might be interested.

When you have all your data you can focus on establishing a partnership with them, thus increasing traffic to your site will be assured.

5. Maintain a relationship with your audience

It is important to take care to your audience. Do not share content just trying to talk, open debates and always answer all the questions or concerns of your followers. Social networks should serve to humanize your brand and bring it closer to your customers.

6. What content generates more traffic?

Determine which contents are responsible for increasing web traffic from social networks. Analyze the posts that have generated more interactions and try to repeat the same pattern. It is also recommended that you observe what your competition is doing to get more social actions, so you can capture new ideas.

Usually, works very well in all social networks accompany your post any image or infographic.

7. What time should you publish your content?

Just as important is knowing what content works best as knowing what time you share them on your social networks. You must analyze what time your users are most active and publish your posts accordingly.

To view the statistics of Facebook go to the Insights tab on your Fan Page . And to do the same on Twitter you should go toTwitter Analytics . 

8. How often should you publish the contents?

Once you have identified the content that has worked best to attract more traffic to your website, we can not let them be forgotten. You must establish a publishing rule that depends on the social network you are using. For example, in twitter, it is advisable to publish a new post 3 times a day to try to reach all users and their different schedules: morning, noon and night. You must also post the day after and the week and the next month.

To avoid looking like spam is important not to always write the same message back to give him a copy each time again post the same content.

Increasing web traffic from your social networks starts by having a well – organized strategy, planned and with clear objectives

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