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One of the typical questions asked is how many companies get followers on Twitter, and it’s funny because usually one of the biggest concerns I advise customers and a presence in this social network. And that is not incompatible with whether they are large companies or not, although it is true that large companies tend to have clearer how Twitter works.

But for the vast majority of businesses do not care if those followers serve to anything or not, whether they can convert into leads or whether they will bring traffic to your website, all that does not matter. They want to have more followers than the competition and sell more … we still do not understand how this goes well and we remain committed to vanity metrics.

The aim should be not obsessed with the amount and yes thinking much about the quality of those followers, because what we pursue is that those who follow us have a real interest in what we do.

Otherwise what we will do is to accumulate followers not share what we post, with which we can not generate business and never enter into a conversation with us.

I must say that I always considered myself a guy of Facebook, because it is the network that I like, but Twitter has always been a good source of traffic for my blog and my projects, which makes me to be fond.

Many people wonder how I managed to have so many followers and the fact is that even now my profile on Twitter is not the most work, continues to grow organically (without pay) every day.

This growth is due in large part to having a blog with many visits, from which I feel that I found new profiles and begin to follow me there. I tell you honestly what I sense because right now I’m not controlling how many people follow me on Twitter Because this issue is not a priority for me, but if you ask me how many visits have my blog every day what I can tell you without hesitation perfectly.

Habiéndote clarified this before, I’ll show you how I usually do with my clients who want to work this network and get followers on Twitter, what aspects are important and some tools that we use.


Optimizing a Twitter profile is key to getting followers. Whether they find us so that once you have found us, our profile is attractive enough to potential follower as to follow us.

Basics but no less important are:


The profile picture is the first to be a follower future and it must be of good quality. I am not in favor of anything other than put pictures of yourself (such as landscapes, cars, celebrities, plants, animals, etc.), or of drawings, cartoons, comics or avatars. Normally people want to put a face to the person who manages the account and see a photo encouraged to follow more than a caricature of that person.

In the case of corporate Twitter accounts, put the logo (again in good quality) can be a good strategy or not.

If the account is in your company, and the Twitter user is the name of your company, no problem to put the logo. In fact I can not think of better picture for the profile, but keep in mind that many users when they see who follows them is a company, don’t return to follow.

In my case I do not follow current company accounts except for a few cases.

Conversely, if your account is now but it is your own person who manages, with name – it is best to put a picture and not your logo.


My best recommendation is to make use of a good picture header. Not only is a picture quality that photo also appear properly from the mobile Twitter application.

If you put text in this picture make sure you read correctly visiting your profile from a mobile device.

headboard Twitter

Example extracted from Uberblogged


Twitter puts you somewhat complicated because you have to summarize your life in 160 characters, and next to the profile picture, is one of the most important parts of any profile and what determines someone follow you on Twitter or not.

It is best to use this space to describe who you are and what you do in the clearest possible way and synthesized.

I do not recommend putting quotes, meaningless phrases or something that they can not identify who you are and what you do.

Consider putting keywords in your bio for which you want to find. There are some tools like follower wonk that allow you to search by keyword user.

Plus a link to your website, blog or LinkedIn profile with more information to help convince these potential supporters.


The same tool I mentioned before you used to search for users by location, and many individuals and businesses use it to find new profiles depending on where they are located.

So put where you are can be a good way to attract new followers. It is better to put a city not a country or a people (neither too much nor as bald).



Next we will look at some strategies to get more followers on Twitter. Strategies that never fall into disuse because they are part of the essence of this network. Many of them are based on achieving greater dissemination and outreach to be visible to other users that might follow.


Being a content creator is undoubtedly one of the key points to get more followers on Twitter. Content creators are really leading this social network.

But do not fall into the trap of becoming a “Meformer” which only shares his content.

According to several studies, 20% of Twitter users are “Informers” (informants) and the remaining 80% are “Meformers”.  And these studies conclude that a reporter gets up to 2 times more followers.

It is therefore important that you make your content suitable. You can use tools like Clicktotweet to make some phrases of your articles are tuiteables or WordPress plugin Click To Tweet that achieves the same effect.

Finally, consider using some Widgets blog showing your Twitter user and to the option to visitors of your website follow directly from your site (follow the button for example).


The quality content is a magnet followers on Twitter, and here is what it is to be a good healing of contents (if you do not believe yourself) and share only what for you is extremely valuable. So you will become a reference to what followed, showing your eye test and sharing quality content.

There are several tools for healing content; Here are some of my favorites:

  • Feedly
  • Topsy
  • Flipboard


It is imperative that you keep your Twitter account updated. Published every day and so are more likely to follow you more. The first thing that will make a potential follower on Twitter is looking at what is the last thing you tweeted, so that you should see activity on your timeline and that these updates have made are of quality.

The more tuitees more followers. I know it sounds obvious but behind this obvious there are studies that corroborate this fact.

Activity tweets / Followers

On the other hand it is not to bombard your followers with tweets thrown chain; So with too negative tweets and using too many hashtags are the main reasons to unfollow a user.

Avoid posting many tweets in a short period of time.

You must also know that there are tools like ManageFlitter that allow you to stop following twitter accounts that are inactive or unpublished for a few days, so if you want to retain your followers do not stop publishing.


If you want to get someone to follow you on Twitter concrete you have to make a smart approach . Unless you try to do a celebrity follow you, which is very complicated, if you approach this natural way you can get almost anyone to follow you.

To achieve this attempt to enter into conversation with that person.

For example, a good way to ensure that you follow that person is doing retweets (RT) with meaning. I mean to make some smart remark RT demonstrating bringing that person to have a real interest in what you are saying and you read everything you share.

Make a comment or occasionally simple question that you can answer in 140 characters also it makes you come on your radar.

If that person is a blogger, leave comments on your blog regularly and be patient.

Never ask them to follow you, nor be too heavy.


A very typical error in Twitter is to follow anyone so long as you follow this back. There are even those who abuse this by the famous “follow / unfollow” consisting follow people without any strategy to follow you back, and that if they fail to do so within a specified time, stop follow you too .

The worst thing about this technique is that besides who puts into practice often falls into the mistake of following and stop following the same person several times. If you do that, the other person realizes, never follow it back because you will see that you are using this technique so upset.

The tool tweet adder is most often used for this type of practice, but I honestly do not recommend it.

You have to learn a statistic that normally 20% of the users you follow will follow you from the back.

But here it’s be clear about your target audience: which users you want to have as followers.

Again I recommend using the tool followerwonk to search for users whose biographies contain specific keywords.


Clearly, if you want to have a greater reach with your tweets, ideally post them in times where you make sure that you are getting more people connected.

There are two essential tools for achieving this: Tweriod and SocialBro

Tweriod you generate a report only when your followers are online and send you by email when it is finished. It usually takes a few minutes and generate the greater number of followers your account has more delay.

SocialBro is one of the essential tools that I recommend for managing your Twitter account. Not only have reports when your followers are connected, otherwise you can also analyze other aspects of your account, users do advanced searches, create campaigns for direct messages, monitor hashtags, etc.

Here is an example of the analysis that will generate Socialbro of the hours that are connected followers a Twitter account:


Make further tests in the publishing schedule that you create convenient and analyzes the impact of these publications. Twitter users using the mobile application is likely to use it for hours of work or school.


Consider using images tweets that attract much attention on the timeline of your followers;in fact include images in the tweets do you get up to 2 times more engagement than a tweet without image.

When I speak of engagement on Twitter I mean clicks, favorites, retweets or replies to a tweet .

It includes links in your tweets because they have a 86% greater chance of being retweeted.

Using hashtags is also shown to influence the engagement:

  • Tweets with hashtags have up to 2x engagement
  • 1 to 2 hashtags are ideal, more than 2 drives down the engagement by 17% on average
  • 25% of the tweets without having hashtag RT’s
  • 40% of tweets with hashtag have RT’s




If you are really interested on how to get Twitter followers, the better (and smarter) you can do is bring much value to the people who follow you, to be an interesting addition for those who still do not user. Of course, have to follow a strategy in which follow people wisely and try to maximize the impact of your publications to reach more people better account.

How about you?

I recommend a lot of patience; a good presence on Twitter is not achieved in the overnight, and above all, I recommend not look foolish shortcuts that you fill the mind with useless fans who do not contribute anything to you or your business.

If you come down, here you have my respect. I would love to know your opinion on this subject, so that a comment is always welcome.

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