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The truth is that a few years ago it did not give much importance on how to get followers on Instagram or my staff there brand. I looked like a social network that I was not going to give much use, and indeed, my profile was configured with the option to keep my photos privately with some family photos you do not want anyone to see.

It took me a while to see that Instagram here to stay and it would be one of the most important social networks as the statistics show. It is also true that some time ago had not acquired a taste or roll to this network, but when I saw the grace I started to like more and more.

The point is that I began to draw more attention, want to know more about how it works, what is it that caused some users consiguieran many fans and especially how he could take advantage of business level, not only for my personal brand.

So I started to try things on this network, to experiment and apply everything I saw, read or discovered about using my profile on Instagram as a guinea pig. I love doing these things for learning and wealth of information that I find.






This is the graph of the growth of my Instagram account until February, extracted with the tool Iconosquare:

Earn instagram followers

As you can see, a very strong growth in recent months, which is where I started working this social network with more intensity it shows.

It was not magic, I’ll explain how to get followers on Instagram in my experience:


The same question I did. What is the best time? What is the best day of the week? How many times do you publish?

Well, my own experience tells me that if we get followers on a regular basis, ideally publish at least once a day, like any other social network.

Post regularly gives consistency to your brand and expand your reach, the more people like to give your photos the more likely you that those photos to more people.

As the day of issue, not a day that stands out over the others as analyzed, looking to be a bit more activity on Mondays and Sundays falling. On a personal level I have not noticed anything in particular.

However, a factor that does influence enough is the time of publication. And here there is no exact rule, will depend on the location of your followers and their habits.

For example in my case, in addition to followers in Spain, I have many followers of Latin countries or even the United States, and if you post in the morning these people see much later what I posted. So for me a good time to publish from 20:00 for example.

When I publish, I always link to Twitter for posting a tweet was also posted on my account; from there I always get new followers. I do not do the same with Facebook. On Facebook I have linked my fan page rather than my personal profile, and I realized that if I publish a photo on Instagram fan page from the scope photo low. What I do is publish the photo directly to Facebook without going through Instagram.

I recommend Instagram link your account to your other social profiles. Also in this way, whenever it detects a friend Instagram Facebook has joined its platform, you will send a notification so you can follow.




Each account is different and each account is to determine the best time to publish on Instagram if necessary, and for that there are some tools that analyze the impact of your photos by time of publication, and will indicate what the best schedule for future publications.

The ones I usually use are two:

  • Iconosquare : is a desktop tool that lets you manage your account Instagram from your computer. The only thing that does not let you do is publish pictures from there, but you can make photos of your followers that you like (besides very very quickly), and leave comments. The beauty of this tool is the amount of statistics that gives you about your account, as the best times to post or what filters you’ve used that greater engagement have made in your photos are. This tool is free, but reports of its statistical part is not real-time.

Best time of publication

  • TakeOff : with this application available for iOS and Google Play Instagram can program publications, and when the best time will receive a notification of the application suggesting that post to that time. It does the publication by you, the Do-It prepares directly in Instagram and you who ends publishing there. This application is also free.


This is a feature that is not available in the mobile application Instagram, and if you want to have to use a third party application.

Some tools for programming Instagram publications are:

  • Schedugram : With this tool you can manage your account using a desktop application and schedule publications, and also has something very interesting to agencies that lets you manage multiple accounts Instagram. This tool, like any good tool that price, it’s not free, it costs ranging from $ 20 a month.
  • TakeOff : I have already talked about it in the previous point. It’s free and you can manage your mobile phone.
  • Latergram : available for mobile is free to sign up and then charges a monthly fee, and it can program publications but like TakeOff, alerts you to do it yourself.


As silly as it may seem at first put a miserable hashtag because it was not aware of the difference that post with or without hashtags on Instagram.

One day talking with a friend about the engagement and comparing who had more engagement in their publications (freaks sometimes we do things that are dedicated to this), he said “of course, I have more engagement than you because I use many popular hashtags” .

Seriously it affected both a hashtag? It took me believe it. This is because there are bots that they like a particular hashtag that uses tools that monitor, and obviously, there are brands and people monitoring them, and that raises the amount of likes (not too much, but something).

The amount of hashtags think we should use is not a determining factor. There are studies that say it is the best publishing 1-4 hashtags and never exceed 5 while others say that 11 is the amount that works best.

There are tops with the 100 most popular hashtags and there are sites like TagsForLikes show you what hashtags you can use in your photos to get more likes are, although I’m not really using them.




This social network that has a great visual impact, filters play an important role. One of the ones I like is Valencia, and apparently is also one of the most used.

Personally, when I attempt to upload a photo to use common sense and be carried away by my photographic approach (which is probably nil) and surprisingly almost always I use the same filters.

But a good strategy is to use the filters you use most other people. If they have chosen for your photos, probably your photos that you use those filters are more likely to like.Remember, more likes, more comments, more coverage, more followers.

On the web Populagram you count appears with the number of photos that use particular filter. “Normal” which is not to use filters on your photos, is the most common and what they do more users.



The part that I like is this network that enables brands to show a more human and more private side, which in turn is a side closest to his audience and connects more. I think it is a good channel to consider in any strategy of marketing content .

To upload pictures or short videos makes the possibilities are immense, imagination to power.

In my case I like to upload images with motivational and inspirational text. I know there is a lot of that what? I like, I’ve been doing it a long time, I work and I prefer to send a positive message to the world that’s not a message of complaint.

I share many personal pictures (though never family, is one of my rules) with places where I go, places to travel, gifts or books they send me pictures of some professional photo shoot, photos with friends and things of my day day.

Businesses have many options that generate brand awareness and further humanize their brands. Product sharing photos, pictures of their customers, their employees. Show back stage or back, the interesting part and has more chicha.

You can do promotions, of course, but I’m seeing brands that are doing fatal. This would be not to repeat the old mistake we made on other social networks like Facebook, I’ll leave.


After explain all the factors influencing get followers on Instagram, we have the human factor.

We return to business as usual saying that trying to interact with others is how we increase the engagement. And that interaction occurs Instagram based on likes, comments and of course follow other people.

When you give people like you follow you are showing interest in climbing to Instagram, even if you take more time to leave a comment. And that usually translates courtesy you receive the same treatment, with likes in your photos and new comments.

If you do this with strangers the effect is the same. You begin to interact with people you know no longer connect with others. If this behavior is repeated, the next step is to turn these people into followers. When you do this also increases the amount of likes you get on your last photos, because those users who reach your profile after receiving likes yours, make like the last photo you posted. If the user has more interest in your profile you will look up and down and make like in old photos.

Depending on the amount of profile supporters like you do to your photos, you can be all those likes you do go unnoticed. This is because normally accounts that have many followers, when they get a new picture quickly get many I like. A like yours will be lost among all of his followers and is more than likely that the person does not see.

In these cases it is best to leave comments, because the ratio likes / feedback you receive a picture is very high.

I like to use Iconosquare to leave comments and do I like in some photos because I find it very convenient to do it with a computer. Both the facility to respond more comments, see which users and which do not follow me, or mark the photos that I like to hit the button make you lose just and necessary time on this social network without having to access it always from mobile.

If you are very interested in a particular user and do not want to miss the opportunity to give “like” in all your photos, now you can turn on notifications of Instagram to notify you when the user you do not want to miss anything has published a new picture .

Simply open the menu on your profile and enable notifications, as you can see in the following photo taken Social Media Examiner :

Notifications on instagram


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