How to draw attention to your product through marketing


The time has changed. The companies that make the most noise are not necessarily those that receive the most attention from the consumer. Marketing has evolved into a silent, pleasant, segmented and creative tool. They are the basic things that are forgotten.


In theory, marketing is not complicated. These are the basic things to keep in mind when we want to promote our products. To draw attention first was to make as much noise as possible. Today instead of putting loudspeakers at full volume, you have to give the user the option to turn off the music to avoid being tiresome in marketing. Sometimes the industry needs to evolve from an orchestra to a jazz group. There is not always a predefined path. Most marketing plans aim to get from A to Z without taking into account these 6 essential factors.

1. Utility: Every success of a product begins with its usefulness. If you do not have an offer that fits the needs of your target audience, your marketing will have the same effect as casting water into the sea.

2. Happiness: your product and brand have to convey emotions. Especially when you go to the final consumer. Learn everything that Coca-Cola is doing with their advertising to make us feel happy.


3. Curiosity: Creating curiosity with marketing is a powerful weapon to reach/attract your target audience. You do not have to worry about getting to them. If you do things right, your target audience will come to you.

4. Trust: before you want to sell, look for trust. The other day I was offered a medical insurance through a cold call that in theory, I was interested. They could not send me the terms of conditions before hiring them. The excuse was that the first 30 days were free and if I did not fit I could unsubscribe. From experience, the user assumes that you are going to take the hair. I do not trust!

5. Constancy: if you have a message or values that you want to take you have to be constant in the conversation. Even if you are a Jazz group that do not constantly change the instrument and the style of playing. In another case, you will never get a clear perception of who you are and represent yourself.

6. Personality: It does not always have to be a blog but you have to give a face to your company. It will give you more credibility to what you do and represent. The values of your business have to be reflected in yourself. Your customers do not want to communicate with a logo but want to know the people behind.

To draw attention to marketing is not to make noise. It is rather silent, pleasant, segmented and creativity.

What do you consider your key to attracting attention with a product or a company?

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