How To Create Your Personal Brand Step By Step


WHAT IS PERSONAL BRANDING? To set the personal brand I like to get out a bit of the definition that gives the Wikipedia and the ground defined as “the footprint we leave on people”; It is how others perceive you.

A great quote from Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon indicates that your personal brand is what they say about you when you’re not in front.

And it is that personal branding is something we can not control. It’s not what you say you are, if not what others perceive you.


I always say that we live in the age of Google, which has no more chance of finding work the most knowledgeable or the one with more experience, no. In this new era which is more likely is the one that knows how to move intelligently and has more visibility.

You could be the best in the world doing your job, but if you fail to reach the audience that can not hire you any good.


Whether you are a professional who wants to find work or seek to specialize in a particular sector, you’ll need to work on your personal brand.

And I think today you can have a little more complicated than if you had started a few years ago because the market is saturated with professionals and is becoming increasingly necessary to stand out from the competition.

Do not worry, I will not tell you that today is impossible to emphasize your personal brand, much less, but you should know that you will need to make an extra effort and a lot of patience.

We no longer sell or generic hooks: there is plenty of everything. However, finding what makes you unique and different also specialized in something concrete, is the key to success for your personal brand.

I recently spoke with Berto Lopez on a new breed of bloggers who came out last year and a few months after analyzing which are still alive after a while, I see those that have managed to find their specialization.


1. Patience will be your best ally. The personal brand is not built on the overnight, it’s a race to the bottom that takes the time to complete, not to say that is a distance race that never stops running.

I do not like to talk about times in creating a career but in my point of view is very complicated dress in less than 1 year and a half or two, if you start completely from 0.

There are always cases in which personal brands have grown rapidly through the roof, but not any more than usual. There are also cases of people who have been working best for years on his personal and have no kind of results.

2. It is not easy. There are no shortcuts to the top. So clear. If it was easy to create a personal brand around the world (well…). And one thing is for you to work your personal brand and quite another thing is that you work successfully.

If you work on your personal brand with a blog as I did, you’ll need a lot of discipline. There are statistics that say that 95% of bloggers abandon their blogs in less than a year, and the lack of motivation is a major cause of abandonment.

We have said that patience is a key point to develop your brand, so if you’re one of those people who expect short-term results are going to have it complicated.

You might think that without you the blog you can also arrange to build your personal brand, but you have to know that although there are people who have achieved are very few cases.

3. No evidence, no gain. You have to be very constant, random shocks are useless. In my case, until I started to be consistent with my blog I saw good results.

When I began to publish articles on my blog, I did when I wanted, no matter the day it was, or how much time had passed since the last post was published. It cost me realize that both readers and Google like to see that there is some regularity in your blog posts.

At the time when I decided to write at least one article a week, I began to notice something, but definitely when I decided to publish every day (except for weekends) was when I noticed a big difference in how he saw the world my blog.

4. Planning is the key. Set objectives, define a strategy and plan to achieve them in a calendar that strategy is the best I could do at the time.

As I said earlier, I had no strategy behind my personal brand simply because I knew it was going to develop.

But when I saw the enormous potential it had marked as both my blog, I knew I had to really take seriously what I was doing and start a plan.

5. Your passion will mark your way. You’ve heard a thousand times, but I can assure you that passion is a good guide that should mark your way.

When lack of motivation fails, when the results do not come, when you want to throw the towel, the passion for what you do is the only thing that lets you go. Therefore it is very important to do what you really like.

I know many cases where people with a passion for a subject and have managed to live fully monetizing it.


1. Anyone can work on their personal brand.

Although I would say it is increasingly optional and obligatory. Also, do is often synonymous with employment and financial freedom.

2. Requires large resources and a great investment.

“I start working” it is available to everyone. You can start working on your blog, your personal domain, create a logo and create an account at different social profiles without spending too much.

3. There are opportunities for market differentiation.

There are still some areas in which its professionals still are not working their personal brands, which makes this situation an opportunity for other professionals who want to stand out.

4. Opportunity to monetize in different ways.

Finding work, catapulting your projects, offering your services, selling products, providing training or lecturing are some of the ways you can monetize your personal brand.

5. The personal brand is flexible, malleable, evolving with you because it is not static.

Often some professionals ask me what is better, work a career or work under the brand of their companies. I always say it depends on the case. It also allows us to introduce new themes or territories mark on our profile because we who evolve and it evolves with us.


1. Definition and differentiation

At this point you should ask yourself some questions to find your definition and what sets you apart from other market professionals:

  • What makes you different from other professionals?
  • What are your values?
  • What you really passionate about?
  • What are other people in your references?
  • What are you going to offer to the market?
  • What’s your story?

2. Strategy and objectives

Why do you do and what you want to achieve is a fundamental part in making personal brand:

  • Why do you want to develop your personal brand?
  • Where do you want to be in a few years?
  • Who is your personal brand?
  • What are the objectives you pursue creating your personal mark?
  • What brand territories you wish to associate?
  • What is the message that transmits your personal brand?
  • What will be the tone of your personal brand?

3. Visibility and Action Plan

Without a plan of action, you will not achieve anything. What will you do and how you do makes a difference between want to do and not do and those who say they will do and prove it so.

  • What are the tools you use?
  • What elements need to do?
  • How will you measure your results?
  • What are the channels you will use for your personal brand?
  • Are you going to use a blog and what social networks?
  • What else do you need?
  • What will your logo, colors that define you, the font will always be using,
  • When will you execute each action?
  • What are the deadlines that you set yourself to achieve your goals?
  • Who do you need to connect?


Finally, I want to give some recommendations.

That does not cost you invest in constantly

You are your best and your best investment project. Separate a portion of your monthly income to train yourself. Whether paying courses, paying for a mentor or by buying books, never stop training yourself. It is important to be clear about this today, and in the epoch in which we live where information becomes obsolete in no time.

Get plenty of networking

The quality of your relationships will define your success. As Francisco Alcaide said in his interview, we are the result of the 5 people we interact. Try to expand your circle, events move in networking and seeks to connect with others in your industry to help you in your strategy.

Try to generate much value

Create value is the only way to stand out and be remembered. There is a quote from Albert Einstein that says “Try not to become a man of success but a man of value.” Generate content and share real value makes people perceive you as a source of reliable and authoritative information, and makes your personal brand revalued. Avoid falling into the trap of only look at your navel and is better to try to do a good content marketing that will add value to your audience, share and seek to help others in a genuine way.

Do not obsess with the results of other professionals

Not worth obsessing over what others are doing or what they have achieved. Probably behind the success they have achieved is a lot of work that has not reached the overnight. You focus on your own way, make sure you’re doing things right and not waste time looking around. What others have achieved in 2 years maybe 3 or afternoon, they go too fast and achieve in one year and a half. But you do not obsess over it. Above all it is you, enjoy your journey and process.

Hard work, hard work and a bit of hard work

I know no other way to achieve success. Seek not paste the pitch, or how easy or quick results because they do not exist. Usually, good things are the slowest to arrive. He works hard and never takes off the look of your goal; that’s the only way to go.

Check these books out and you may find them useful!

1495404218 You Branding: Reinventing Your Personal Identity as a Successful Brand
Mark Cijo
1118915550 Personal Branding For Dummies, 2nd Edition
Susan Chritton
1422144135 Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future
Dorie Clark
0988437503 BrandingPays: The Five-Step System to Reinvent Your Personal Brand
Karen Kang


There’s still time to start working your personal brand, it is never too late. It’s a great tool you have at your fingertips and I suggest you not waste it.

You saw the many advantages that this has and why it is important to start now. I was lucky to start at a good time and you can see that things have not gone bad.


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