How to connect audiences and lead communities?

How to connect audiences and lead communities? | tinobusiness
How to connect audiences and lead communities? | tinobusiness

We were present at the IV Workshop Engage Colombia, which was attended by the Spanish Isra Garcia, a specialist in digital processing business in the new economy, and Juan Merodio, an expert in digital marketing and social networks, who spoke to us about ” the art of leading communities and audiences connect with brands. ” These are the lessons that we left this meeting.


Skills and functions of the Community Manager

A Community Manager must be efficient, passionate and curious. Your communication skills are essential, ie must be able to communicate what you want, in a way that will interact, inform and create a link with the community. It is also important to take initiative and be able to analyze and identify opinion leaders, implement strategies and to perform multiple tasks simultaneously.


The first step in building engagement with the audience

The website is the first step towards engagement with the audience. Needless detailed the ‘web 1.0’ analysis, to understand that the lack of dynamism, using HTML forms and low-resolution GIF buttons that characterize this type of platform, is the reason why many actions marketing fail, even today.


However, the quality of content is crucial as it is linked to the engagement and positioning of the company over time, therefore it is important to be personalized, provides value to users and therefore credibility to the brand. For this it is essential to identify the purpose of the web, tastes and preferences of people who visit it, and recognize once and for all that while the intent behind many publications are in most cases sold, the public is increasingly informed, you are uncomfortable dealing with this type of information.

Avoid falling into egotism and corporate publishing completely specialized content is essential to build communities. Also emotional factors like design, which is based on the intuitive perception of people, or usability for creating the impression that the user controls the platform seamlessly – so not the case – are key to the success of a website and consequently to effectively connect audiences with brands.


What should be done to lead communities?

  • To begin it is important to take time to analyze, study and investigate what members of the community do in and out of this, namely that they consume brands, which sites frequented, among others. “What is important is what happens when you’re not watching.”

  • Having done this, it is essential to be prepared to compromise with the people. People value the gratitude of the brands, to thank and at times give rewards as incentives can promote the rapprochement of the hearing.

  • Finally, you have to give something to believe: sincerity between the brand and the people is paramount.


“If you do well no need to sell ‘Isra Garcia


How to add value?

  • It is important that companies show interest for their customers. Speaking of the brand is interesting, but tell stories of users making use of their products so it is even more.

  • Post content that besides being interesting to the community are useful in their daily lives connect people with brands. For this, companies should consider three basic questions, how do I do my best followers? How I can help? and how I can connect people with new opportunities?

  • You create conversations that revolve around users, create a link between people and brands. It has also been found that when a brand is honest with your audience and shown real against them, good results are obtained.

  • Custom conversations and reciprocity brand with users, speaks highly of it.




Some of the tools that released the speakers were:

  • Crazy egg :


    A web analytics tool that focuses on usability and it helps to know how readers interact with the platform, this way you can improve the location of the content, among other possibilities.


  • Tracx :


    Web performance tool and ‘social intelligence’ that allows monitoring and analyzing social media conversations to get a deeper insight into these.


  • Twitteraudit :


    This tool allows to know the number of false followers you have a specific account on twitter.



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